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Has anyone bought up site themes? I haven't seen any mention of them.

I had a couple of those themes myself, but since the site was revamped I can't find anywhere to select a themes. Will they be coming back? People spent Platinum on those things.


@Kisrah : yeah themes have been mentioned before and we're working on them. With the new theme up, we're having a little bit of difficulty adjusting the old themes to the new look. Basically, we need to make sure all the buttons have the right classes, all the divs(it's a webdesign term) need to have the appropriate classes. But we're still in the process of optimizing the current design to mobile. Once that is done, then we should be able to implement themes a bit more easily.

It's not only that, but we're also looking into optimizing how themes work in general.

Do not worry! When we bring it back, you obviously will have access to your paid themes. They'll just be optimized to our current website + mobile version. Hopefully...

Now let's say everything goes to crap and we just can't bring them back? I'm going to push for a complete reimbursement of your platinum. I don't care if I have to go through each person one by one to give them their platinum back and that it takes forever. But honestly, I doubt this course of action even needs to be taken because I'm pretty determined to get themes back.

In the meanwhile, account upgrades are back :smiley: So I hope that is something? XD


@Freyate Thanks. :D It's just good to know they haven't been forgotten about!

Just wondering how you'll know which themes or how much Platinum people are owed? Is there a record somewhere?


@Kisrah : All the information of it has been stored in the database.

Ofcourse due to the dataloss between september - January (which is the reason for our new version of Roliana), if you bought themes during that period, those transactions were never logged. HOWEVER those platinum are still on your account. It's the same as with MI's you bought from the Ancient Temple back then. So when themes come back, you can just buy them again. No problem there really. All that those users lost is the time they spent clicking to buy the themes :sweat_smile:

So all the themes bought before september are perfectly saved in the database. No worries there :smile: I hope that eases your mind?

That means that if we do not bring themes back, it shouldn't be too difficult to calculate how much platinum each user, who bought themes, is owed. If it ever comes to that...




I fixed the bug that wasn't allowing you to move multiple PMs to a folder of your choice or to delete multiple PMs at once.

So now you are:
- able to delete multiple PMs at once
- able to move multiple PMs to self-created PM boxes.


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