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March MIs: White Day & Love Constellation



Here are your MIs for this month!
We are going to try to re-release past MIs within the first week of the month,
while new MIs will be released the second week.
Hopefully, this will be enough buffer time for everyone to buy the items they desire!
Let us continue on with today's monthly release of new items...

We are continuing with the theme of love because
there is no such thing as too much love in this world! :heart:
Not only do the stars start looking like hearts, but... chocola~te... :chocolate_bar:
Presenting White Day & Love Constellation!

Spread the love for 20 platinum at The Ancient Temple.

Both items were pixeled by TwoStar
Love Constellation was designed by Francis

Also check our Instagram and Facebook pages for a chance to win one of these MIs!


So lovely!!! I'm so happy to see new MIs being released :heart:

Thank you TwoStar for pixelling them, and Francis for designing one of them!
And of course many thanks to all Rolian staff for everything as always~

Getting both of them immediately! They look sooooo yummy ^^

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