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@Mystik-Rose86 : maybe in the future we can have more contests that suit your tastes? Something where you don't need creative skills, you can enter and possibly win?
Something that pops into my mind: posting contest? Maybe? Anything else you might think of?

It's sometimes difficult to come up with easy-to-enter contests that fits within the theme. But if you have any suggestions, we'll gladly take them into consideration!




@Mystik-Rose86 : That's not how I took it. I just want everyone to be happy and enjoy themselves on the website. So if you think: "this would be the type of contest I'd actually still be willing to join", then let me know :smiley:

Besides, I could use the ideas :laughing:


@freyate I think maybe the Avatar contest needs categories.
I think the posting contest is always good and general.

I don't even have the creativity to help come up with ideas. I know how much work and effort goes into the events. I'm sorry I even said anything *backs away slowly*


@Mystik-Rose86 : Ah sometimes the avatar contest has categories. It's just that during this event it didn't have them :smiley:

Don't worry about it. You don't need to be sorry. You needed to state your opinion on the matter, which you did. *hugs* All is good :smile:


Oh how I love this site *insert this very large smiley face here*

Mind you, I didn’t join any of the contests during this event because I wanted to focus on re-learning everything and such. But next time I will~

But still, I truly love this site ^.^
*disappears back into the shadows*
Ahhhh I'm so late!!! I saw the post on FB about star earning and was like, oh crap I need to check roli!!! I've been super busy >w<

Thank you so much for the prize!!! I actually couldn't believe it xD <3

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