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@Hotarla and @realAniram :

I put it into discussion with everyone and everyone agreed. We changing the deadline to 3rd of July instead of the 6th.
This way people will have 3-4 days to buy a MI in case they didn't win!


... Don't stare into the darkness for too long ...

More custom leg poses?!
The girls' legs look really skinny but I am totally digging the shoes (on both MIs)!
I love the Garland recolor too. :heart:

... you never know who or what just might be staring right back ...

@freyate : Sweet, thanks! That's actually why I was asking lol, I didn't want to worry about trying to sell one if I won it, but I do want all the MIs. Now to remind myself to check back (and maybe be more active for you guys). OTL


Due to me being dead tired right now with major migraine spells, I'm not going to judge/finalize the social media contest today.

I've moved it to tomorrow!

The time when the Monthlies will be released is also pushed back a day!

So you still have the same amount of days to buy the current Monthly Items!


Marni stayed back a moment, looked at the sky and […]

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