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Re: The Future

This is suuuper late, but logging in for the first time in forever annnnnnd...

I can't believe I've been on Roli for 11 years! I remember joining after seeing an ad on tektek from Gaia. xD I've met and made wonderful friends on this site and loved all the events that took place. Thanks for all the wonderful memories! They'll always hold a special place in my heart. :heart:


Re: The Future

You wrote it won't be renewed in July; what will be the last day to log onto Roliana if you could know or speculate?

Re: The Future

I've been here almost 12 years. This place gave me a chance to do pixels in a somewhat professional manner, and even though I couldn't keep up with it, it was fun. <3 Sorry about that. I think I spent pretty much my whole adolescent life here lol. I'm sad that it has to be this way, but with everyone having so much going on and these types of sites in general not doing well, it was due sooner or later.

I'm still keeping my pixel dreams in the ring. If the dress up game thing goes well, I'd love to be able to contribute some new things from time to time (provided life allows me). <33

Re: The Future

Whilst I haven't been active in a very (very) long time I do, occasionally, login and have a look round. It'll be sad not being able to do that soon. I remember posting away into the small hours of the morning, especially during the summer events with the rolipop tree! Being in Europe is was the best time to interact with everyone on the other side of the world.

I know this site meant and means alot to some of the people here and I do look back fondly on the time I spent here. Heck, I even remember owning all the MI's at one point.

I first came here in 2009 (wow 10 years!), wrote for the Roli Times for a bit, managed to somehow get over 1mill gold, did probably a lot of stupid stuff too but I remember enjoying every moment of it and coming back nearly every day. I think I may have even tried doing art at one point, that didn't go well.

I guess here's to Roli, thanks for being there when you were. :)

I've just logged into my old photobucket account which I only used for roli related stuff. So many memories! 🥰
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