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November MIs: Sunrise Flower & La Luna Element...



Happy November everyone!
This month we are bringing back two familiar MIs, but in different recolours.
As you may remember back in July, we offered Locks of Platinum and Locks of Gold special bundles.
Along with the Locks of Platinum, people were gifted with recolour requests of any item from the last year (2016-2017).
Here are the first two recoloured MIs by freyate and Phantasmagoria, who will also receive it free!

Just a note that I am still waiting for other people who bought the Platinum bundle to send me their recolour requests!
I sent out a PM to all the appropriate people and I would very much appreciate it if you can please send back a response asap!

You can find the new MIs at The Ancient Temple.
Both items were pixeled by

Sunrise Flower, recolour requested by freyate
( NOTE: Flowers in hair are separated into four poses, whips are separated into two poses,
and base parts are separated, including the face )

La Luna Elemental, recolour requested by Phantasmagoria
( NOTE: Head branches are separated into two poses,
there is a moon pose for the special arms, and a moon pose for the right hand )

Due to popular demand, the hairs from Nocturnal Flower and
Faraway Galaxy hairs can be bought as a common!
There are also five new hair recolours that are so far only included in these hairs.
They are Amethyst, Banana, Poppy, Sapphire, and Snow!
We'll try to get the other hairstyles in those colours as soon as possible!

Presenting Gone with the Wind and Rapunzel hairs!
Buy them at Salon de Beauté



Well hello there beautiful platinum and gold suckers :smiley:

Bye bye high gold numbers >.> Hello quest thread.




@Goat : the original of Sunrise Flower is Nocturnal Flower. We couldn't really call it Nocturnal Flower Bright or something like that, because it doesn't look Nocturnal at all XD So that's why we call it Sunrise Flower.


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