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Advent Calendar & Roliween Winners


Advent Calendar is here!
The Advent Calendar can be found here
How does it work?
Quite simple. Every day when you log onto Roliana, you go to that link and one of the doors will open up to you. So if you log onto Roliana on Day 1, door 1 will open up for you. HOWEVER, the door will close once the day is over.
Please note that Roliana is on Greenwich time GMT or also known as UTC.
Feel free to use this time converter to help figure out what time the doors open and close for you.

We're glad to announce the winners of Roliween 2017!
Coloring contest:
First place: Myotis
Second place: Evocative Enigma
Third place: Black fox
First place: realAniram
Second place: Aki™
Third place: Valefor
Costume contest:
First place: ivydoodle
Writing contest:
First place: Fufluns
Second place: ^.^
Third place: LadyDesi
Trick or treat:
First place: AndrAiaNighthaven
Second place: Déjà vu
Avatar contest:
First place: Blackfox
Second place: Lady Anne
Third place: Valefor
Posting contest:
View winners here
First place: littleblack
Second place: Mystik-Rose86
Third place: ivydoodle

Please contact me (freyate) for your prizes.
If you've won more than 1 contest, ofcourse you get those prizes too. So for example you won first place in costume contest and third place in the avatar contest, you get both 1st and 3rd prize. So you can send me both your requested items in a PM. Anyone who hasn't sent me a PM, will get a PM from me. So don't worry :smile:

What were the prizes again you say?
1st prize: 1 Item of choice from the last 10 years (Only October and halloween related MI, EMI, EVO, EI, SI, common) + 40 Plats
2nd Prize: 1 Item of choice from the last 7 years (Only October and halloween related MI, EMI, EVO, EI, SI, common) + 20 Plats
3rd Prize: 1 Item of choice from the last 5 years (Only October and halloween related MI, EMI, EVO, EI, SI, common) + 10 Plats

Prize list can be found here.

Congratulations on winning everyone!

As has been announced in the announcement box, the november MI's (Sunrise Flower & La Luna Elemental ) and the EMI's (Skeleton Bleached Spirit, Venetian Clown and Dark Venetian Clown) will be taken out of the Ancient Temple today.

You have until 5 pm GMT/UTC tp get them still!

congrats to the winners. that halloween even was really fun. i wish i had more time too be in it like i wanted but at least i got t do some writing.thanks for the chance. :monkey_face:

Re: Advent Calendar & Roliween Winners

` B̷̵̷e̵̴̵h̛̕i̛҉̀͢͟n͠͏̧̢̀d̸́͘͠͝ ̵̧̨̢y̡͏̵̵ó̷̡͢͝ư̷̶̕͠.̷̴̨̡.͏̡

Congratulations to the winners!!
There were a lot of good entries in each contest. (:

ヽ(゜Q。)ノ? 무서운거 재미있지..?

Glad to see the winners. I especially love all the coloring and the spooky stories!

Definitely look forward to all the different event themed contests and their entries in the future too.

Re: Advent Calendar & Roliween Winners


I won?! In writing!!!
Thank you so much for liking my story! There were so many other good stories I didn't think I would place.
This really makes me feel good about my writing skills. T.T
Congrats to everyone! :')

Re: Advent Calendar & Roliween Winners

LOOL so I have a question. I missed day one and decided to buy a key since it said that it would open up “a random door from the past that you missed.” So how did it end up opening door #17!? XD;; for one thing, the 17th hasn’t even arrived yet and, for another thing, it’s most definitely NOT “a door from the past”! XD;;

Re: Advent Calendar & Roliween Winners


Whoah I came first in colouring!?!? Omg whut the heckk, I thought everyones entries were really awesome!
So exciting seeing everyone's entries for the rest of the contests~ :sparkling_heart:
(Also lawl where can I find a list of all the MI's cos I'm the worst and 10 years is ages! )

Oh oh! owo An advent calendar?! Missed having that around~ :ribbon:

Re: Advent Calendar & Roliween Winners



@realAniram : To answer your question, when you pick an event item, you only get that one event item, not the entire set.

@Hotarla: lolli reported the same problem. I thought everything worked but then again, I checked on days 25+ and not before that ''>..>

I, temporarily, took away the option to use the keys. You can't use them until the 24th unless I can figure out the code to prevent such a thing from happening again.

Now what I can do to help you out with your current situation: There are several ways to solve this:
1. I could close door 17 again, open door 1 for you (so it looks as if you used the key for door 1 since it was the only door that should've opened if the code worked properly) and grant you the reward for that door.
2. I could close door 17 again, and give you your platinum back?
3. I can do nothing which means door 1 remains closed, and door 17 will remain opened.
The option is yours.

@Myotis : We included a prize list in our first post. Here is the link again for your convenience:


Re: Advent Calendar & Roliween Winners

@freyate LOLL well at least now you know the problem...? //laughs

i think i will go with option 2. i'd rather get my plats back and the gold is negligible for the first door since its pretty easy to earn it anyway. plats, on the other hand.....xD it would be NICE if i COULD get the reward for door number 1 aaaand get my plats back but its alrite, i wouldn't want to inconvenience you since i DID miss the door...c; so yeah, i'll go with option 2 and get my plats back and closing the door 17...xP besides, i'm getting OCD seeing that random door opened lol. is it possible to open door number 1 without giving me the reward? i understand if its not possible though lol. although no wait....if the keys are available to use after the 24th, it would make sense for the door 1 to remain closed.......xD nevermind then, keep the door 1 closed...pfffffffft. xP

Re: Advent Calendar & Roliween Winners



Don't worry about what inconveniences me or not, @Hotarla. It's my mistake anyways.


yeah me too. sadly i do but they'll never grow in.[…][…] […]

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