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Should we permanently delete entire topics if the topic creator asks us to?

Yes definitely!
Yes but only if all users that posted in the topic agree.
No definitely not.

Site Updates (Dec 9th)


Hello everyone!

Shiyura and I have some site updates to inform you all about!

  • User mini profiles work properly again. You can click on an avatar in a topic and read a summary of the user's profile. This also comes with a button to directly PM the user (if the user enabled this) and a link to their full profile.
  • Gaining/Losing Value at the Marketplace works again.
  • When looking at the page of all the items for sale and detail pages at the Marketplace, the link of the seller, goes to the seller's profile now.
    (It used to lead to the old profile link that no longer worked ever since we updated)
  • Users Online counter now portrays a more accurate view of how many people are online. It's still a bit slow in updating the number, but atleast now it doesn't show "40 users online" when in reality only 2 registered users were online.
  • The Coil game now has a toggle effects button, that will toggle the effects on or off. This should help older devices in their ability to play this game properly.
  • The Rolibank had a small update: the date now shows properly and the "come back in 0 days" has been changed into "come back in less than 24 hours".
  • At the bottom of the page, the "View More Topics" button now leads to a list of all the new posts made.
  • The Team page no longer repeats "The Team" in the header
  • The forum panels on the home page are now lined up. For example: the Roliana panel doesn't get pushed down anymore when clicking on a toggle in the Community panel.
On a different note: You probably all noticed the poll .

Due to the database becoming so large in the past 10 years, the staff has been thinking about the possibility to delete entire topics. As in permanently delete them from the database. Not just locking them.
The benefit is that the database will become more clean, BUT there are downsides.
Your gold count won't go down, but your post count will go down!

Ofcourse if someone choses to delete their entire topic, this means that everyone who posted in that topic will have a lower post count.

Hence why I created the poll. I want to see if you, the users, are even interested in this kind of feature or not.

A little further down, I added a bit more detail about this topic, so please read this post here to find some more information. I hope it explains some of the questions you all might have :smile:

I hope you all like these new updates on the website and vote on the poll!
We will continue to work on the website to improve it bit by bit!
So stay tuned!

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)

I agree that we should have the old threads that haven't been active in forever be deleted since It would free up room on the server. As well if its dead for a while then I don't think it's being used. xD
I think it will help in future project endeavors too.

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)

I also agree that the creator of a topic should have the option to at least request that their "dead" thread be deleted. It will help to free up space and make the forums appear less cluttered. It will also help to show which topics are still active, so someone doesn't have to worry about posting in a thread that hasn't been active since 2015 or something.

That said, I think it would be nice for the posters in said "dead" topic to also get some kind of notification sometime before a topic is deleted, in case they need to make other arrangements.

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)

Whoo! New updates!

As far as deleting old topics per the topic creator's request, I don't have anything against it. I stopped caring about my post count ages ago, so no worries here for my count dropping. xD

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)

i agree get rid of old threads im not worried over old threads there is nothing important in them any more.

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)

There are some old threads of mine I'd like to hold onto (at least for sentimental reasons.) So it would be nice if there was also a way to archive threads, if the creator DOES NOT want to get rid of an inactive thread for whatever reason.

Also, what about old threads created by people who have left the site/are no longer active?

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)

@Phantasmagoria This is the precise reason we as staff were asking, since we would take that into consideration.
I know frey can provide better details then I can, but if there is threads you would like to keep f or sentimental reasons as stated perhaps bookmark them.
I know she is asking so she knows the best route to take before clearing up dead space so to speak. xD

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)

Bookmarking topics we want saved sounds like a good idea, and it uses a feature already built into the site so nothing else would really need to be implemented there.

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)



@Phantasmagoria and anyone else who might have concerns of this: We're not planning on just outright deleting ALL old topics!

I'll give you an example of what kind of topics I was thinking about:
Let's say there is an event involving event currency. Usually around that time people tend to also sell and buy event currency. BUT when the event is over, those threads all get closed and locked now and they serve absolutely NO purpose in the future because there is never a guarantee that someone who was selling event currency in a previous event, will also be selling it in the next. Most of the time people don't recycle their old buying/selling threads due to plain losing the links (forgetting to bookmark them etc) and just make a new B/S>event currency thread all together.

Topics like that, in my humble opinion, can be permanently deleted from the database, because they serve no real purpose anymore.

Another example: let's say you have a quest thread (Or buying specific items thread) and you no longer need that particular thread because you bought all the items you wanted. Now some people recycle their old quest/buying threads, BUT for those who don't, they may prefer seeing it deleted.

I'm not talking about roleplays or guides or advice threads or anything important!

If you want to keep your topics that is perfectly fine.

Basically: this is not about me saying "oh this topic is old, let's delete it". This is me saying: "if you have a topic that you wish to close and permanently delete, then you can request it. We'll see -if- it meets the necessary requirements to delete (instead of archive) and then will handle your request accordingly".


Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)


First off, thanks for all the hard work you guys do even if its little behind the scenes/cosmetic things. :thumbsup:

Second for the poll/topic...
I haven't voted in the poll myself yet.
I'm totally down for threads getting deleted per the owner's request. However, it will be kinda bittersweet losing posts, but a spring cleaning and downsized database is a good running database no?

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)

With the outlines you've posted I think it would be a good idea. I'm just kind of attached to my post count even if it just a number so I wouldn't want to lose a big chunk suddenly disappearing.
If it's done mostly by request and on low traffic threads of no/little use to the future I think that'd be just fine.

Re: Site Updates (Dec 9th)



@Stylo : normally you can change your vote if you want. Or it should be possible. I deliberately did that due to people maybe voting before asking more questions ^^;

@Freshie and @realAniram : I am working on a way to make it so that post count won't be effected. So maybe if that happens, some "no"s can become "yes" XD


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