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Happy New Year and special surprise



Happy new year! I hope everyone has a great health and finds happiness in 2018.

A new year means new additions to our website.

Due to a lot of new users coming in and older users finding new horizons, we have a lovely new year surprise for you all. The staff has decided to bring back the older Monthly Items in the Ancient Temple. Each month we will bring back another year's worth of Monthly Items. This way we never have an empty Ancient Temple again like the past month.

Ofcourse there is a catch. To ensure the rarity of these items, they will not be for sale at 20 platinum a piece. Each item of a specific year gets a specific higher amount. For example: year 2015 will cost 60 platinum.

Do not worry, any new monthly item releases will still remain at the price of 20 platinum. But when we re-release it after a while in the Ancient Temple, it'll be at a higher price.

Go check out our first batch of re-released Monthly Items in the Ancient Temple.

Enjoy 2018 everyone!

Teaser Youtube video:

In case you cannot view the video here on roliana, here is the link to the actual video:

If wanted, you can subscribe to our channel too for future teasers :smile:

Re: Happy New Year and special surprise



So exciting! Now I can finally finish my quest of owning all Monthly Items XD


Re: Happy New Year and special surprise


I also like to add that if you would like to attend tonight Black Fox will be live streaming at 11:30 EST from the official roliana facebook page. You get to meet the lady behind the avatar, and so much more!!!
Click on Kasha to attend. <3


Holy moly! This might just be one of the coolest things ever - what a way to start 2018! Thanks guys, and Happy New Year everyone!

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