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February MIs: Friendship Garlands & Romantic K...



:heart: It's the month of love everyone! :heart:

So along with the re-released 2014 MIs, we are also releasing these timely recoloured MIs
that were requested as part of our special Hair Bundle Fundraiser last year.

These MIs are 20 platinum each and you can purchase them at The Ancient Temple.

Friendship Garlands by Chu*
( recolour request by Chu* )
Romantic Keeper by TwoStar
( recolour request by MayaRoseAkennasferu )
Cheers everyone, and may you all have a lovely February! :kissing_heart:

I didn't get the original colors for either of these; I think I was on hiatus when Rose Garlands was released. I remember Love Keeper coming out, but I don't think I had the funds at the time. I'm loving the recolors, so I already got both. I feel like I've been in an avatar slump, but once I started playing around with Friendship Garlands, I easily got an outfit together. c:


@Puu-chan : and what a beautiful outfit it is! Just wonderful!




@Phantasmagoria : wow, and you sure have some lovely colors in yours. What items did you all use ? :astonished: I don't even recognize half of them (which is kinda bad to say as someone who is on staff, but if I knew this too I think my mind would explode :P)


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