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Re-release 2013 MIs!


As promised at the beginning of the year, we now bring you the next batch of Monthly Items.
Available to be purchased in the Ancient Temple.

In case you cannot view the video here on roliana, here is the link to it on Youtube:

As with the 2015 items, to ensure the rarity of these, they will not be for sale at 20 platinum a piece.
Each item of a specific year gets a specific higher amount. For example: these items from the year 2013 will cost 100 platinum a piece.

Do not worry, any new monthly item releases will still remain at the price of 20 platinum. But when we re-release it after a while in the Ancient Temple, it'll be at a higher price.

Go check out our third batch of re-released Monthly Items in the Ancient Temple:
Alicorn Attire, Haunted Survivor, Butterfly Effect, Marionette, Love Nurse, Crazy Cardiologist, Kokokoi, Earth Mother, Femme Fatale, Star Fishing, Naga, Nightsong, Rogue's Code, Paranormal Investigation, Angelic Mage, Beach Fun, Cosmic Guardian, Steampunk Accessories, La Sirene, Harajuku Summer, Soul Chaser, Autumn Leaf, Hell Hounds, Demonic Duchess, Elemental Swords, Christmas Attire and Ice Queen

Re: Re-release 2013 MIs!

I am constantly amazed by how long i've had specific items and that I have most of them already... except nightsong. i just bought one ^^

Re: Re-release 2013 MIs!


The temptation is so high. These are MIs from when I was on my extended hiatus and, wowee, are some of them rad!

Re: Re-release 2013 MIs!



I really appreciate the old MI's getting cycled back through the Ancient Temple.
There are a few MI's I missed just from inactivity over the years.
Now I just have to wait till they come back.



Re: Re-release 2013 MIs!

Yaaaaas! There's a good amount of these that I'll be getting soon. The biggest question is, which ones do I want to get first?

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