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Modirfjord's Ostara Fair



Greetings, my dear Rolians,

The chilly weather is clearing up and the beautiful sun is melting away the frosty snow that once blanketed my forests. With life being brought back to my evergreen home, I feel that it is finally time to welcome you all to my Ostara Fair.

Dust off the snow, take off your boots, and please join me in all the wonderful festivities I have planned just for you.

Visit our event forum for all of my activities and contests that you can be a part of!


To further build up your excitement about my event, you will be foraging for 3 different event currencies this time! All these currencies will go towards buying the event items, which will be released in stages, so you won't be seeing what they are at the beginning. A surprise you shall see in the near future~

Image - Blueberries || Image - Herbs || Image - Mushrooms

Need more information about this event, visit our FAQ page to enlighten yourself.

Also, our lovely Pixel Goddess, Chu*, came out from hiding to provide you with the best fashion for this year's Spring Event.
Today, we are introducing our wonderfully whimsical EMI, Faerie Sprite.

You can grab your wings at The Ancient Temple.
Due to the specialty of these items and the extra poses and recolours, this item will be priced at 50 platinum.
We also released the Queen of Dreams MI leg mod in all the skin tones. They are in Dr Franz's Lab.

( Note: Skirts are separated into four poses, staffs are separated from glows, there are versions of the staffs with no magical orb,
grass and flowers are separated into two poses, wings and glows are semi-transparent )

Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair

getting acquainted with the cosmos that is me ☾

YAY ANOTHER EVENT :heart_eyes:

and whaattt a PRETTY item wow
but yikes, 50 plats ; A; imma go broke
guess i won't be getting the next few batches of MIs...

Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair



Woohoo!! Let the fun begin!

Faerie Sprite is an amazing item! Great work Chu!


Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair

I was sooooo excited to release this EMI to you guys, and I'm so happy it's being receive well so far :heartbeat:
*dons a Faerie outfit* Time to spread some fun~

Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair

и у υ υ . н α ѕ . ѕ ρ σ к є и ˟

Yay for an event! ♥
Can't wait to get all the pretty items!


Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair


Oh holy wowzers that is BEAUTIFUL! Aaand it's avatar-changing time again ^3^

And an event with three currencies and secret items?! Too. Exciting. :astonished:


Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__Yes, more people coming out of hiding from the cold weather :snowflake:

xxxx » » (✪㉨✪)──☆

Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair

I was actually thinking of buying plats earlier today, so I totally got some. This EMI looks like it's well worth the 50 plats; it's seriously stunning! <3

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