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Good evening everyone! I just happened upon one of my activity threads today and noticed a huge accomplishment!
In my Chatting Up A Tree Activity, everyone has been actively grabbing those branches and climbing the tree to have reached page 20! In case you need a bit of a refresher, it was promised that the reward for reaching that page would be the release of the first stage of event items. How exciting!

I am so proud and happy for everyone that it nearly drives me to tears. It is a wonderful feeling to witness my forest alive with the chatter of my fellow Rolians. Please do continue to liven up my Ostara Fair with your warm presence and enthusiastic energy!

In the mean time, do enjoy this lovely Mushroom event item set purchasable for Image at Melchior's Event Shop.
It was pixeled by one of our fluttering goddesses, Chu* -- Here is a preview.

( Note: Shrooms, Shroom Stool, and Shroom In Hand all have spotted alternatives; Shroom Stool and Shroom Pebbles are separate poses, Shrooms and Shroom Hat are split into two poses - front and back )

If you wish to win more awards and see more event items released, keep chatting up that tree and more surprises will be revealed for all! You still have a week to join my activities and contests, so don't waste time and instead, make haste to submit your entries and to also participate in some Item Recycling or try to help out our friends in Naming a Plant.

Oh! I would like to remind you that if you haven not already done so, visit the Rolipop Tree in my forest to pick a rolipop flavour.
An award is hidden within the rolipop and will be unveiled at the end of the event, so don't miss out!


( click image to to go the Rolipop Tree )

Have a wonderful night!

Ah, they're so cute! :open_mouth:
I'm definitely gonna have to pick between the plain or the spotted because I don't think I'm gonna be able to do both. Right now I have almost 2100 mushrooms. Boo!
Can't wait to see the rest of the items! They'll be fantastic, I bet!
Great job @Chu* :heart_eyes:

Re: Stage 1: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair Shroom EIs R...

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__:mushroom: Yessss! They are finally out! :mushroom:
xx__Sorry for the delay guys!
xx__Thank you @freyate for getting them out there!
xx__Also, I noticed that the Shroom in Hand positions are swapped...
xx__lol, that was my fault in the file naming department. :sweat_smile:
xx__Maybe freyate can work her coding magic and rename the files for me when she gets back :question:

xxxx » » (✪㉨✪)──☆

Re: Stage 1: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair Shroom EIs R...

и у υ υ . н α ѕ . ѕ ρ σ к є и ˟

LOVELY items! :heart_eyes:
Seriously amazing, love them so much!


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