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Good day, Rolians! It is very nice to see you again! Today, I have come bearing great news.
The votes are in and I can finally share with everyone all of the winners from my Ostara Fair Event contests.
Congratulations to all of the winners and a huge round of applause for everyone that joined in on the fun and the contests!
:clap: :clap: :clap:
Here is a reminder of what the prizes are:

NOTE: If less than 5 users enter a contest, all participants receive a participation prize of 3,OOOg

1st Place: Cherry Blossom MI
2nd Place: Spring Fairy MI
3rd Place: Elkling MI
Runner Up: 3,OOOg + 20 plats

Prizes will be distributed as soon as possible!

Ostara Fair Avatar Challenge
Ostara Fair Flower Arrangement
Ostara Fair Name the Plant
  • Overall Winner: Hotarla
Ostara Fair Storytime
Ostara Fair Share a Recipe
Ostara Fair Bring Your Friends
  • Participant: deaa ☾
Ostara Fair Item Recycling
Everyone's a winner! Items will be redistributed as soon as possible!

  • Participant: batmeg
  • Participant: Stylo
  • Participant: Chu*
  • Participant: Melodie
  • Participant: {Blue-Eyed}Dragonfly
  • Participant: Goat
  • Participant: littleblack
  • Participant: Francis
  • Participant: Guardian Trickster
  • Participant: Dotty
  • Participant: star2000fire
  • Participant: nadir
  • Participant: ~Coyote~

Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair Contest Winners' Circ...

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__Whoo! Congratulations to all of the winners!
xx__Judging for the avatar and the flower arrangement contests was tough!
xx__Everyone had such lovely and interesting entries! :thumbsup:

xx__EDIT: Prizes for all contests (excl. Recycling) have been sent!

xxxx » » (✪㉨✪)──☆

Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair Contest Winners' Circ...

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__Also, @Hotarla
xx__Please let me know what prize you would like for
xx__being the overall winner for the Name the Plant Activity.
xx__You have a choice between Cherry Blossom, Spring Fairy, and Elkling.

xxxx » » (✪㉨✪)──☆

Re: Modirfjord's Ostara Fair Contest Winners' Circ...

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__Prize delivered @Hotarla!
xx__Enjoy your item! :grin:

xxxx » » (✪㉨✪)──☆

This event had been one of the most exciting and fun events I have been able to participate in. I have never won spots in multiple contests either so that is just awesome.

My favorite contest by far was the Name the Plant. Would love to see more active user contest threads like that. It added a more personal element to the event and was rather convenient for all the different time zones too. :grinning:
Good afternoon! I came by to tell all the participants of the Recycling Items Activity that they should head on over to their trades as I have randomly redistributed all of the items I have received, including a few from my special stash of items that (randomly) went to the lucky users!

Please do check out what items you have received! I hope you all find these new found treasures a special new home with you. Cheers everyone, have a lovely and sunny day!
... Don't stare into the darkness for too long ...

Wooo!!! Congrats to the winners. :)
We were 1 short for the story contest! So close. xD

Awww don't say that @Mystik-Rose86 !!
There have been many times I didn't expect to place anything at all but won something.
The more contests you participate in the better your chances.

... you never know who or what just might be staring right back ...

@Déjà vu
I don't have the creative skills to win any of the contests. I only entered the avatar one because I love the avatars on this website so much. But with lack of skills all my avatars come out really basic.
I know I have no chance of winning and yet I still enter.
I know how difficult it must be choosing the winners - I saw the winners entries and I was blown away, they were amazing.
I guess that even though mine was a basic avatar... it was one of the most worked on avatars I've done. I would have like a mention instead of a prize... but that didn't happen. So I will support this server in other ways, pop in during events... I just will stay away from contests!

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