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Forum Spring Cleaning!

The staff of Roliana have decided to start a big Spring Cleaning Action!

What does this mean?
We're going to go through our forums and permanently delete certain topics.

We are not deleting your precious roleplays, hangouts, quests or discussions!

Which forums will be affected?
  • Community > The Marketplace
  • Community > The Marketplace > Buying items
  • Conversation > Roleplays > OOC
  • Conversation > General Chat
  • Community > Quests
  • Community > Roliana
  • Roliana > New Here?
  • Roliana > Support and Feedback
What kind of topics will we delete?
  • Topics with 0 replies
  • Topics that are closed/locked
Ofcourse if your topic was posted in the last 4 years, it won't get deleted!

To prevent topic deletion: Add a "do not delete" in the title. And, if possible, post another bump in the topic.

How can YOU help?
If you have a topic that you no longer wish to use and you don't mind it being deleted permanently, feel free to reply to this announcement and tell us!
Please include a link to the topic in question!
For example: You had an "OOC" topic about 2 years ago, where you were looking for a roleplay partner. However you found your roleplay partner or are no longer looking for one. You can just put the link to this topic in a reply here and we will delete the topic for you.

This is also a great way for you to clean out your own roli bookmarks :wink:

You wish to delete a topic that is not in the affected forums?
It depends on the topic. Post the link to the topic in a reply to this announcement.
Some examples:
- If it's a roleplay, we'd prefer it if your roleplay partner(s) could confirm the wish to delete the topic.
- If it's a discussion in the Extended Chat with a low amount of replies AND it was posted more than 4 years ago, we'll just go ahead and delete it per your request.

How will this affect YOU?
Your gold count will not go down!
Your post count will go down.

How to find all the topics you created?
Copy this link into your webbrowser:
Code: Select all
Do you see the bit where it says author=freyate? Exchange freyate with your own username.

You can do a similar search using your user ID instead. Then the link is:
Code: Select all
And you look for the bit where it says author_id=5849. Exchange 5849 with your own user ID. You can find your own user ID when going to your own profile. If you look at the link: the number at the end of the link is your user ID.

Some information about the new GDPR laws can be found in post #2.

Sorry for the text heavy announcement :sweat_smile:
Here is a cookie:

Re: Announcement prep: Forum Cleanup + GDPR

Some information about the new GDPR laws
If you live in Europe, plenty of you should've gotten e-mails about this GDPR law. I figured I might as well explain a few things to you all. Since not everyone might know what this is all about.

What is GDPR?
On May 25th, 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law will be activated.

It's a new European privacy law that makes sure that people have more information and control over their data.

What does this mean exactly?
GDPR makes sure there are tougher rules concerning data collection and that these are followed by companies. It also means that you get more information about these data collections.
The rights of the customer/client will be respected. The customer/client can ask to have his or her data deleted or to receive this in an electronic way.
Every enterprise needs to make sure that these new privacy rules are followed from the start of each project.

What does this mean for YOU?
Nothing much.
If you live in Europe, you probably received a lot of e-mails from companies that have you in their mailing listings. You can then chose to unsubscribe from these lists. Yay!

What does this mean for Roliana?
We at Roliana aren't in an European country. Technically we do not need to follow this. HOWEVER we do have European clients.
And because I love this new law personally, I am going to explain how we handle our mailings: We don't. You, the user, are already in full control.

How can you control your Roliana mails?
You've been getting e-mails whenever someone quotes you or replies to a topic you've subscribed to? You wish to stop this? Or you actually want to get more e-mail notifications? You can control it yourself!
Here is how:
When you click on the "Welcome username" in the upper right corner of a browser window, you have an option to go to the "Control Panel". Click on it. Or here is a direct link (<<Click the link)
- Click on the tab "Board Preferences".
The first opened window are the "Edit Global Preferences". Here you can already change you regular e-mail settings.
You maybe also wish to click "Edit notification options". Here you can also change your notifications AND e-mail settings.

Normally Roliana will never e-mail you directly unless if and when you e-mail us directly.

You wish to delete your entire account?
:sob: But we don't want to see you go! Please stay!
But if you really wish to leave permanently, you can ofcourse. It's part of the GDPR law afterall. Full control of your data.
Again post here in this announcement or PM me directly. You can also just e-mail us via the Contact us option on the bottom of each page.
But don't go. We want you to stay with us! :innocent:

Sorry for the text heavy announcement :sweat_smile:
Here is another cookie:

Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR

▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
How about a topic that is in the deletion zone but you wish to keep it as a memory?
(and it's locked) is it possible not to delete it?

Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR



@littleblack : Then definitely post it here with a link to those topics.
It will need fresh bumps. Normally no topics will be deleted if it is still considered "active" so a fresh bump will help.
However as an user you can't bump a locked topic, but one of the mods should be able to do it.


Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR

Ahh I am so happy about this announcement. I cringe thinking about the things I posted when I was younger so if you could delete any of the following I'd be more than grateful!

Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR



@xSophiex : Glad you like it! Thanks for posting your topics! Especially because most of these were created after 2014 and/or were posted in forums we're not cleaning out just yet. So thank you for helping us clean up the forums!

Consider them all deleted. :wink: No more need to cringe about those particular topics haha.


Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR

A QUESTION because I might just be overlooking but how long do I have to save stuff from topics that might be deleted?
Like, I think I'm ok with losing everything (except maybe one of two topics) but I need time to dig them up.
Like is this starting RIGHT NOW or do I have a day or two to save things?

Also for topics I want saved do I just bump them and label do not delete or?
Sorry if this stuff has been answered already.

Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR



@xSophiex : you're welcome :smile:

@Goat: This is starting now, BUT we're starting with the 0 reply topics first. Since they're the easiest to find and delete. For any topics that are closed/locked and have more than 0 replies, that might take a couple of days before we get to those.

I said it on the facebook post too. The Buying Items subforum alone has around 200 pages of 0 reply topics. I think it was the similar amount for the marketplace forum. That's basically 25% of those forums already -eyetwitch- so much dead space x_X Let's say it's 25% for each of the affected forums... that will take a while to delete -nods- Because we don't want to break down the forum in the process :P

To prevent topic deletion: Add a "do not delete" in the title. And, if possible, post another bump in the topic.

I think I'm going to add that last bit to the announcement :wink:

@realAniram : haha XD :cookie: cookies are yummy indeed :wink:


Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR



@Goat : well even if it wasn't yours, you could still bump it, so it won't be deleted?


Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR

Please delete the following threads! Thank you!

[1] Post Anime.Manga.VideoGame Gifs/Images/Memes ( :: It has not been posted in since about four years ago. It was also created about six years ago.

[2] Journey To The Shadowlands --- OPEN/ACCEPTING!!! ( :: This roleplay of mine never got the kick start that it deserved. All members involved, including myself, have not even started the roleplay. I would also like to point out that some members of the roleplay have not been on Roliana in years, so I cannot confirm or not confirm their thoughts about this thread being deleted. That said, I am the creator of the 'not started' roleplay, too. This roleplay is about five years old as well.

[3] Journey To The Shadowlands OOC ( This is the 'out of character' thread for the above roleplay thread. Same reasons from my POINT TWO apply to this thread.

[4] Journey To The Shadowlands Profiles ( :: This is the profile thread for the above roleplay thread. Same reasons from my POINT TWO apply to this thread.

[5] Help Me Know More PSP Games! (Might Get PSP) ( :: This thread of mine is about eight years old. I already got my answers to my question as well as I know which games that I want to get for my PlayStation Portable (PSP) now.

Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR



@KayaLing : Thank you for helping us with our forum cleanup!

Processing your request.


Re: Forum Cleanup + GDPR

... Don't stare into the darkness for too long ...

Am i allowed to have all my posts before 2012 deleted? xD

Glad to see Roli's getting a good scrubbing! There's a ton of dead threads that are a waste of space.

... you never know who or what just might be staring right back ...

Two guards, whom stood at the entrance to the magi[…][…][…]

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