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June MIs: Precious Garlands & Flower Girl &...


Hello, my dear Rolians!

I hope everyone is basking in the much welcomed warmer weather.
Just to make it a little bit sweeter, today we are releasing THREE MIs!
We are releasing one more recoloured MI request as well as two brand new MIs.

Here is Precious Garlands pixeled by our wonderful Goddess, Chu*
Also, introducing Flower Girl and Starkeeper, pixeled by our ever talented RT*
You may purchase them for 20 platinum each at The Ancient Temple.

:rotating_light: ----- :rotating_light: ----- :rotating_light: ----- :rotating_light: ----- :rotating_light:

ALSO! Check out the next post below for social media contest details
on how you can enter for a chance to win one of this month's new MIs.

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( Recolour request by Freshie )
( NOTE: Base mods for these specific items can be bought from Dr Franz's Lab )



Would you like to win 1 of the June MIs?
It's simple: Follow/Like us on the different social media and get an entry.

Steps to take on the social media:
Facebook - Like/Follow the page AND Like our post announcing June's MIs.
Twitter - Follow us AND Like and retweet our post announcing June's MIs
Instagram - Follow our page AND Like our post announcing June's MIs
Tumblr - Follow our page AND reblog our post announcing June's MIs
Youtube - Subscribe to our channel AND like atleast one of our videos
Google+ community - Join our community AND like our post announcing June's MIs
Pinterest - Follow us and save the post announcing June's MIs

Each step gives you 1 entry. So you can get up to 7 entries!

After you have taken those steps on the social media you're on, PM me (Kasha) your social media information. This is so we can verify you actually did the necessary steps and can award you the entries.

The more entries you have, the more chance you have in winning one of June's MIs.

F . A . Q .

What if I already followed Roliana on those social media?
Then it becomes really easy. All you need to do is the extra bit concerning the post of the June MIs. Then you add the social media info where you already followed us on. It's basically an easy entry for you :smile:
For example: you already followed us on instagram. All you then need to do is like the instagram post concerning the release of the June MIs and in the PM you can just write your instagram username and we'll check if you followed and liked us. Then you get +1 entry.

Why do I need to send my social media info?
We're NOT asking for passwords! We're asking for the usernames since we figure you don't use the same username on all the social media.
So it's handy if we know who we're looking for.
We then verify whether you followed that particular social media or not and grant you your entry/entries.

Do I need to send you all my social media info in 1 PM or can it be several PMs?
If you can group it into 1 PM, that is always easier.
But if you can't, then seperate PMs are allowed too ofcourse.

When is the deadline for entries?
July 3rd. July 4th
The new Monthlies will go up on July 7th 11th. So if you haven't won anything you can still buy them from the ancient temple.


As soon as these came out, I instantly bought them haha. @Chu* and @RT* Thank you for the beautiful items!



These are all so wonderful!!!

It's always so, so exciting to see new items be released on Roliana :heart:

I love all of them!!! Great jobs as always, Chu* and RT*!!! ^^

And thanks to the Roli staff for all the work behind each announcement, post, video, etc. And even for hosting giveaway contests for MIs! So much work goes into everything that's done and I appreciate it all.



@realAniram : We will decide the winner of this social media contest by the time the next Monthly Items will be released. Which should be July 7th. So basically if you've entered before July 6th you should be on the save side!

Sorry I should've made Kasha add the end time!

@Slipknot : You're welcome! We do our best to keep providing new content. And I love reading the fact you appreciate it. It does empower me to do more!

@Goat : -prepares herself- I just hope we'll survive the GOAT invasion!


Re: June MIs: Precious Garlands & Flower Girl ...

Social media contest? XD;; too bad I’m not really into social media....but I guess I could see if I can participate lol.

But wait, if we have to wait till the next month and those entered aren’t chosen, then does this mean they’d have lost out on the chance to get the monthlies? XD;;


It's all so wonderful and it makes me so happy that everyone is doing their best!! ^^

And I'm glad that our support encourages you too! That's what being a fan is all about, right? Hehe :heart:


═════════════════ :star2: ═════
oh the flower girl MI is just too gorgeous, thank you RT*!!



@Hotarla : Hrm, yeah you're right. If people are waiting in the hopes of winning the MI rather than buying it... I wanted to give as much time as possible for people to enter the contest. Maybe I should make it the 3rd or 4th instead? I'll ask the rest of the staffers, since you do bring up a good point.

Oh but haven't you already liked our page on facebook. Since I know you're on that. So that's still worth an entry :wink:

@Kayy : It's weird right? There are so many beautiful MIs but everyone goes for the garlands for their recolor. Well, they paid for it, so we give them what they want :P


Re: June MIs: Precious Garlands & Flower Girl ...

Loool I see. XP well it was just something I thought I should point out @freyate. Like normally I would just go and buy them myself but since I have entries, I wouldn’t.

Pffft yeah I did a bit of “socializing” yesterday but only for Roli lol.

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