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More Bookworm Hat colours!


Greetings Rolians!

Hats off to you as we bring to you a recoloured set of an old store favourite, the Bookworm Hat! Come to Topp's Haberdashery and pick up one of these thinking caps in a dazzling array of new colours!


Onto something completely different.
Remember all those hard earning event currency you all collected? We have automatically converted it all in to gold! So if you had leftover event currency you will receive a letter in your PM Inbox soon.

Also don't forget to enter our social media contest to win one of our June MI! Deadline for it is July 3rd.

That's everything Rolians! I'll see you all in my shop!

Re: More Bookworm Hat colours!


so excited!!


Re: More Bookworm Hat colours!



I just love the Bookworm Hats as an item ! It's great that they now come in different colors! More comboing options WHOOT!


Re: More Bookworm Hat colours!


Image I'm always down for recolors for commons, plus the bookworm hats are one of my favorites. Some of the newer palette colors can be tricky to match.

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