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Hat-Tastic Headwear Contest!



This Glamorous Contest Will Run October 7th - October 14th!
Dress your avatar in the finest hair wear you can find! (Dream avatar entries are ok!)


● One entry per user - No mules
● Staff cannot enter this contest, sorry!
● Put the entry in this thread
● Please include your username somewhere on your entry
● No current avatar image links as your entry may be lost if you change
● If less than 5 users enter, all participants receive a participation prize of 3,OOOg
● NO PHOTOBUCKET ENTRIES PLEASE - Use imgur, postimage, dA, puush, imgbb or any other image host



1st place: Press Hat, 20 platinum and three hats of your choice from the Haberdashery
2nd place: 10 platinum and two hats of your choice from the Haberdashery
3rd Place: 5 platinum and one hat of your choice from the Haberdashery


1. Francis
2. Goat
3. Renji
4. freyate

Re: Hat-Tastic Headwear Contest!


This seems like a super fun idea!
I am so gonna enter. Been meaning to use some hats with my avatars lately.


Re: Hat-Tastic Headwear Contest!


good question! you can change it any time but you only get one entry, so if you want to change it just make note of it somewhere in this thread


Re: Hat-Tastic Headwear Contest!

I might enter, but coming up with designs that use hats is not my strong suit. I just don't use them in real life and forget to consider them. o3o

Re: Hat-Tastic Headwear Contest!

Saw this beautiful hat in the Haberdashery and just couldn't help making a colourful widow who's definitely not at all involved in her late husbands tragic accidental death avatar. :blush:

Just go for it everyone, there's nothing to loose after all ;)

Re: Hat-Tastic Headwear Contest!


So I would like to state, first of all, that if you didn't want this you should have made the qualifications more than "nice hat".
But as that is the only qualification well.
You have only yourselves to blame for this horror.....

.....Ok and me. I GUESS you can blame me for it.

:goat: So without further ado I present to you: FUNKY RAINBOW HAT GOAT


Re: Hat-Tastic Headwear Contest!



Here is my entry

Just one more entry to go and then staff will need to pick their top 3!


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