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The Future

Hello everyone!

So. You might have noticed it's been quiet lately. Really, really quiet.

Dead quiet.

I'm sure a lot of you have been dreading this announcement, but as of recent we've been in the talks of finally pulling the plug on the website.

Roliana has been a great part of many people here's lives and we love and respect all of you that made this journey with us! However, as those of us who run the site have started careers, started families... Well, the site hasn't really been taking priority, and this kind of sped up the inevitable decline of the site.

Currently, we do not plan to renew the server when it expires, in July of this year. We are going to be winding down site operations in the meanwhile - starting in March we will be disabling platinum purchases and using the remaining funds in our account to settle debts with artists.

So, are we gone forever?

We don't know!

As far as all of the gazillions and gazillions of pixel art pieces, we're not letting that go either. It'll be a bit of a task but we hope to release a dress up game with all of our art assets - something simple and easier to maintain than the website, that'll be affordable for us to keep up long term.

If you want to still keep in touch with the community, we still have our Facebook page, as well as a Discord server. We happily invite anyone to come hang out with us!

As a lot of you know, Roliana kind of launched me into doing web development as an actual career. While it's rendered me hopelessly busy as of late, I forever hold a soft spot in my heart for the site, and if the opportunity strikes for me where I have the time to take on such a project, I'd love to get back into it. As such, the code and development for the website are going to be saved and tucked away in a safe spot. As the site is, it's not worth selling, but the code is a valuable resource if we want to try a Roliana sequel some day -- and, we will be sure to save a copy of our userlist so that if that does come to past, our veterans will get some special treats. That being said, the code is a HOT MESS and needs some serious refactoring. My long term goal is to clean up EVERYTHING using best practices, and rather than going the 'lonely developer on the struggle train to nowhere' shtick again, launch Roliana's codebase as a new, open source project that anyone can contribute to. That's just kind of like... dream goals though, with no guarantees of happening any time soon.

Anyway. Thank you from all of us here! We hope that you don't loose touch with us forever :)

Re: The Future

:sob: Yeah I had a feeling this announcement would be coming soon. Gonna miss my snazzy looks :grinning: No other site lets me have goat horns...

I have like, no knowledge of discord whatsoever but apparently it's a chat thing? So I guess I'll try it JUST FOR YOU ALL.

But you guys can find your favorite Goat on facebook, tumblr, and twitter (if I can remember to start using it). Just hit me up if you want my info.

.....Also if anyone here plays abyssrium DEFINITELY hit me up on facebook so I can finally unlock that secret fish :anguished:

But seriously, gonna miss this place :cry: We appreciate your hard work @Caitlyn
and everyone else on staff (I can't remember everyone I tried :goat: )

Re: The Future

DAng :( I love Roli. Ive been here since the beginning. for all the server switches and everything. Its so sad to see it go but i expected as much. I noticed the decline in active members lately. I wish all the best to you all and hope that someday Roli can come back alive and well again. Ill come back in a heartbeat if that happens.

Re: The Future

I knew this was going to happen eventually. :disappointed: sad

I'll miss Roli very much when it goes. Time to add people on emails and social media. Boo. :(

Re: The Future


Batsy Says. . .

This is such sad news as Roli has been
a site i've been a part of for so long.

Re: The Future

Sad, but expected. I hope everyone continues to have a good life! I'm on the Discord server in the rare event anyone wants to speak with me; realAniram everywhere else on the web too.

Re: The Future

I literally think I might end up crying when the site finally closes down. I loved it here SO much, I've been running around here for well over a decade now. I love this place too much :cry:

It's still good to see something of it being saved, like the art and pixels...but I still don't want to see it go at all.

Re: The Future



I'm not surprised at all. There are a lot of mixed emotions going on right now inside me.

Thanks for letting us know ahead of time so that we can gather up our friends and try to communicate on different online media.

Shout out to everyone that knows me: send me a PM if you want to keep in contact with me on facebook or email. I have linked my email to the PMs and I check my mails daily. So I'll definitely get back to you asap!


Re: The Future

Dangg... I'm sad as heckkkk

As much of a lurker that I am here... I'm feeling awful about the fact that I was never really as active as I should have been. I've always known it was inevitable that it could eventually close but still... D:
I've been here over every other site and kept returning to stalk literally all the things.

I'll try and get to using discord... but omg I have no idea how to work it at all ;w; but I hope to see you all there!?

I wish everyone so much luck and thank you all for the beautiful pixels that have made our imaginations soar! (Oh and the rad events over the years YOO!)
I can't wait to see what happens next!

also if you wanna annoy me about rps or art or whatever please do~

Re: The Future

Sad to see it go, on the other hand, I do understand...

Agree with Frey here, thanks for the note up ahead. :-)

Re: The Future

I'm a little bit sad but also a bit glad to see this announcement.
Trying to keep things active felt like continuing to fight a loosing battle, so I imagine it might be some relief to be able to put it to rest for a bit, without having to feel bad because RL stuff taking priority.

I'm looking forward to the dressup version, since I always felt that the avatar creation was a great tool for character designing with the wide range of items Roli has to offer.
I imagine the Code is too much of a mess to do what uuuhhh was it Crysandrea? or something did who put it up for people to use right away, huh?

Definitely thanks for letting us know ahead of time so people can keep in touch! :)
And thanks for all the hard work and dedication over the years!! :heart:

Re: The Future

This is really sad news...I admit I haven't been the most active member recently, but I always held a great love for this site.
It was an important part of my teen years. I spent so much time on this site, had a lot of fun, and met so many wonderful people along the way.
I have nothing but fond memories of this place, and I always will.
I appreciate all the effort everyone put into keeping it alive this long and hope you all continue to do well in life.

A dress up game would be a great way to keep some of those memories alive, and keep all the work these artists put into it all alive as well.

Thanks again everyone for the happy memories. <3

I joined the Discord under the username "heather_mason_sh3".

Re: The Future

Ohhh! I just had an idea! When you do the dress-up game we can help with it like we did when the new inventory system was implemented-- we can help tag things so that searching goes well. It would also be a nice way to do a last thing to say goodbye while helping the site. I understand that that's probably going to be a thing that happens much later, so that's why it's great that the Discord will stay up and we can be notified that way.
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