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The Queens Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
Has anyone read this series?
I'm super hyped about it again, since there was another book added to the repertoire. >w<

This series will always be among my favorites, but I feel like not many people have read it. ToT

The first and last books are written in first person, while the others are not.

Recently the whole series got a re-print, and I'm very excited to see that, because maybe it will gain some attention.

The author leaves a lot of clues and hints, carefully crafting the plot, which makes these books wonderful to re-read even when you know the outcome of the plot. Only after a re-read can you appreciate the amount of foreshadowing.

I haven't read it yet but it's in my reading list, maybe I should bump it up since you recommend it so strongly, though. c:

I appreciate the depth of the plot building and the actual follow-through. It was one of the few books that the twist actually surprised me. Plus there is continual character building. They're always improving, even to the end of the last book. I never feel like they aren't reacting like real people. I loved every bit of the books.
Yeah, I feel like all of the characters are very realistic and they all have their own motivations.

I feel like the waiting period in the second book for Eugenides to get back into action, was a bit torturesome, but very realistic, though not everyone really appreciates how slowly it moved though that.

They aren't made of steel, and we see that with the Queen of Attolia in volume 3, and she was probably the most stone-faced out of all of them.

I really like Whalen's approach, because she explains each characters by using other characters as the narrative means. So we discover more about Eugenides through Costis. Or more about the Queen of Attolia through those serving under her and Eugenides.

yeah me too. sadly i do but they'll never grow in.[…][…] […]

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