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Books that made you cry?


Are there any books that made you cry?

I might just cry easily, but lots of books have made me cry. Like every book by Khaled Hosseini, or the ending of Never Let Me Go, and the beginning of the Fifth Season, or when everything goes to shit later on in the book, or when J. K. Rowling decided to kill Sirius Black. ; _;

And, well, if I just keep listing them I might go on forever.


Re: Books that made you cry?


ImageMistress Mary quite contrary,

Books that made me cry? Hmm..I have to get really into stuff to cry. I'll have to say Pandora Hearts.
I'm trying to think of others, but honestly nothing is coming to mind.

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Re: Books that made you cry?


Not even when Sirius or Hedwig dies?! You monster.

Re: Books that made you cry?


I didn't use to cry about things easily when I was younger, but then at some point I started crying super easily. ; _;

I cry at everything. Not kidding, I cried a little bit at this ad once... :persevere: Actually, watching it now is making me feel a bit emotional too.


Re: Books that made you cry?


ImageMistress Mary quite contrary,

Haha, aww that ad is so cute! XD

For me, things have to catch me in the perfect mood/timing, and if I can sympathize, then the tears will be gushing. I can think of a few more things, but they weren't books.
One was during Oregairu season 2.
Another, the Weiss Mirror song from Rwby.
The most recent was listening to GDragons new Untitled 2014, I don't know why it struck a chord with me but it did.

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Re: Books that made you cry?

Despite my Harry Potter related heart break, the only book I've ever actually cried reading was Marley and Me.

Re: Books that made you cry?

Oh, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling definitely made me cry a few times.
But then again, I cry easily, so make of that what you will.

Other books have probably made me cry a bit as well, but that's the one series that really comes to mind.

Re: Books that made you cry?

'Where the Red Fern Grows' always got me as a kid. 'A child called It.' The Hollows series by Kim Harrison I think got me in a few books. Of COURSE Harry Potter. I think even the hunger games got me a few times XD

Re: Books that made you cry?


I know I cried several times reading Pet Sematary


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Lemme preface this - I'm a MASSIVE crybaby.
I got a lotta big feelings in a very small body.

But the first book that comes to mind has to be The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.
I literally cried every two to three pages apart at one point.
Something about the parents reacting to their missing child hit me hard.
I never actually finished the book. I'd seen the movie, but the book just took too much out of me.

Maybe I'll try it again someday.

Re: Books that made you cry?

The Warrior series by Erin Hunter.

Best series ever, make you laugh, cry, fall in love, everything.
It's about cats that live in clans in the forest. Seperate clans yet the same.
All their adventures and bigger things happening, so much happens in that series so many books!

Firepaw is a kitten that lived with humans. one day he is in the forest and finds a WILD cat. Realizing what he always wanted was to live in the forest and hunt and live with other cats, he left his home to live with the cats in the forest. Slowly getting their trust, and becoming a wonderful part of the clan. Making many changes and helping eveyone get through their struggles.

Wonderful series, really is!

Kits are always born. Cats die, but new ones are born. You read of one dieing and you cry. But then you read about another one and realize, life goes on. It's sad, but their kin live on.


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Does crying with laughter count too?

For that I must point to a book series by Richelle Mead. The bloodlines series to be exact.

It's a 6 book series.

Now if you wish to read this book series, you should actually read the Vampire Academy series first.

It's the prequel series for the bloodlines series.

Although there are some moments where I was totally crying because the sequences inside were really sad.

Or very angry...

So I guess the series really suck you in, because otherwise I wouldn't be getting mad at all.


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