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What are we all planning for this years nanowrimo? Do you have an outline or are you flying by the seat of your pants? Is it original or fanfic? Or even a rewrite of a story you've already written? Or do you even know what nanowrimo is?


I'll be taking part this year but won't reach the 50k mark.
But taking part ill get more writing done than I would if I avoided nano completely.

I'll be continuing the story I started last year, it'll get finished eventually XD


Sure thats fine :grin: Its set in current age, but born witches and demons are the norm. I've constructed an entire government/laws/jobs etc.
Born as a witch you have a choice to get a license to use magic for work that kind of thing or you can not get a license and live like a human etc.
The entire register of born witches though gets stolen/hacked. So every witch including the ones who have lived human all their lives and stayed hidden are in danger of being found and hunted.

Its like a modern day witch hunt :joy:

Whats yours about?


Well I have three that I'm bouncing between. First one is a crossover of Beauty and the Beast and Snow White, where when Snow White runs away from her evil stepmother she comes across the Beast's castle.

Then I have a Frozen and The Little Mermaid type thing where Ariel goes ashore and instead of finding herself in the right kingdom she's in Arendelle on the day of the new queen's coronation.


SO I announced my novel on the site and have the prologue up on my wattpad. Still working on my side novels until November though.

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