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I tend to only write when I’m anxious or depressed. I’ve got quite a bit but most of it is kinda old and not really relevant to my life right now. Recently I decided I want to put something I wrote out there. This is the only place I feel comfortable doing just that. I’ve gotten tired of complaining and just want to express my feelings with out explaining the whole story. So this thread is born. I won’t say “I hope you enjoy” because that’s not what this is about, it’s about me expressing my feelings and experiences with people, even if only one person reads it and can understand what I’m saying then it is worth it.

Re: My writings

I wanna see you
But I can’t.
I won’t let myself.
I won’t survive this time
Because I know you’ll break my heart again.
My bed seems so empty
Because you should be here,
Lying next to me.
It’s only been a year,
But it still seems like yesterday
That I had to rip my heart out
Just to live.
I should hate you,
And I do,
But I can’t stop myself
From missing you.
Missing your voice.
Missing your touch.
Missing your everything.
It seems that a year has wiped away
The reason I left.
Made me forget the tears,
Made me forget the lies you told
Again and again.
I know if I see you
I’d do it all again,
Because I think,
Deep down inside
I still love you.

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