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Fan fiction

How many people read fan fiction? Do you write any?
What are your favorites? Do you have any you are working on now that have been posted?
Let's support each other!
I have one about Kingdom hearts. >_> I like a certain organization member. Always have.
What do you guys have?

Re: Fan fiction

Oh gods. I used to write a ton of fanfics. I'm on fanfic and my stories are still on there despite that I don't work on them anymore in favor of original stories.

Re: Fan fiction

I'll send you my link if you send me your profile. You think you would ever go back? Even if you don't I still wanna show my support. =)

Re: Fan fiction


I have a very long sonic the hedgehog fanfiction going but i can't link it because it's got explicit sex, violence and gore (it's horror/ romance) and the sex is between two consenting adult human characters fyi

Re: Fan fiction

it's called 'alchemy' by 'toytowns' it's on ao3 and ffn ^^

Re: Fan fiction

There are a lot on Fanfiction that are called Alchemy. Would you have a link by any chance?

Re: Fan fiction

God, I've been writing and reading fanfic from the days of webrings, where people submitted it to smaller fandom websites. XD

I do write fanfic these days, and it's on Ao3 but good luck finding it. XD I'm not a popular author in fandom, and I tend to not link it places.

I mostly, these days, write for The Adventure Zone!

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