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So anything odd about you, quirky or just plain embarrassing? What about you that other people don't know? Anything on your chest you just want to get off without fear of anyone judging you?

RULES: Be nice. You can discuss other posts only if the poster says its ok in their post. If you do, you still gotta post something about you or something that happened.

I'll start

I'm into petplay. I was a kitten cam girl.
I have a son and husband.
I mew for certain responses or to tell what I want.
My family knows what each mew means.

I meow in public too. I can't help it, just comes out at this point. Part of my language XD
Don't care if discussed either.

Embarrassing moments and facts, go!
I also have a son and a husband.
I'm into BDSM and am a bit of a masochist in the bedroom.
I'm a Disney fan and love theorizing on the lore behind the movies.
I love dressup games and even ran a tumblr dedicated to my creations while I was still on tumblr.
I also really enjoy dating sims.
When I was in drama class, my first day they were playing a game.

Two decks of cards, one with a emotion and one a action.

So what do I get?

Picking strawberries, suspiciously.

So I have a fear of ants, actual phobia. I had been sitting outside, and didn't see the ant on my hand.

I had to act normally, then dramatic. So I did normal, but for dramatic what I PLANNED was to throw the strawberry on the ground and just get into a rant about how they will take over the world.

Until I saw the ant. To which I threw my hand down and screamed. It was so awkward I just went back to my seat.

I fell in love with drama that day


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