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Write the Wrong answer!

So, we have very popular games in this Forum..

the ABC Game
First thing that comes to mind
Count to one million
The Last Letter Game
What color is your...?
Swap a single letter
What's the first thing you notice about the AAY?
Sum up the AAY?
You're Banned!
Who has the better Outfit

Anyway, sometimes (especially during events), when people are posting fast in various threads in a short time things can get... a little bit confusing, so here's a thread where you don't need to check (if you're paranoid like me) if you answered correctly!

Here's how it goes

So, I already wrote a lot in my first post, so I'm gonna pretend the next line is the Post Below Mine:
person1 wrote:




so the next poster would go something like,
person2 wrote:


C is for Chaos


person3 wrote:

I like "Person2"'s avatar better.

etc, you get the point, post whatever, hopefully something funny-ish comes out

Ok, I read and re-read the forum rules to see if I could find a limit on how many games threads we can create (if there is a limit I probably crossed it with this one :oops: also, I hope this doesn't break the "Random posts / spam" rule just cause it's a "Random" Game.. well, anyway, I guess if it breaks any rules this thread will just be deleted so maybe I should just stop overthinking everything.. [/intro post]

Re: Write the Wrong answer!


═════ ══════════════════

i'm gonna end up mixing up this thread with one of the other word games i can just FEEL it

Re: Write the Wrong answer!


I actually like your avatar, scariness n everything, I just like cuteness better lol
also i just got 15 points for splashing you yaaaaaaaaay

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