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I would definitely steal your devil. That's the lastest mc isn't it?

I don't have much for anyone to steal from me but I couldn't resist posting here anyway.

[ This thread is in the wrong forum, it belongs in "Games" ]

I would steal your pants, because I think they would look really cute with my avvie.

I would steal your cute Piggy! That's the best!!

Um...your whole game so I can make it my mule LOL :twisted:

Your Jester hat so I could have three.

And this does indeed belong in the "Game's" forum.

Should really be in the 'Games' forum.

The wings. Definately the wings.


The dress. It's so pretty. *o* <3


uuummmm well you havent got much to steal ill take what gold you have thankies lol

The gold! :3

I would have to steal their gold. Sadly they're like be and don't have much else, ha ha.

Gold. :o

The top she's wearing because I need it for my dream avie I'm working on XD

Absolutely the angel, I need it for my dream avatar...

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