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    GUESS WHAT. I finished idol producer, so sad it's over tho. haven't gone through the bts stuff so bare with me!
    LMAO, I'm glad they included some of the things like the ghost prank from P101 S2. But, I also really really liked the collaboration stages with the mentors, like why did P101 not do that :unamused:
    Y'KNOW WHAT. I'm not gonna deny that, 9percent is stacked :ok_hand: :fire:
    Oh I know, I honestly saw the list of members before I watched the finale and for some reason I thought he was still one of the people sigh. It's okay, I mean, I think other trainees that aren't in 9percent have had schedules and CFs and stuff like that!
    Do you know when 9 percent is debuting bc, THIS GIRL IS WAITING :grimacing:

    Yes, I totally understand that, old fantaken photos are super confusing especially with the date and the occasion :unamused:
    lmao, A TRUE AROHA (speaking of which I almost bought their membership like a while back except it coincided with the ptg one and y'know I'm a true universe :cyclone: )
    THEY REALLY ARE HAHAAHA I miss them! I went to their fanmeet when they came here in ... february?! IT WAS EVERYTHING :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: but I hope they come for a concert bc performing 6 out of all the songs they had was NOT SATISFYING.
    LMAO, yo speaking of YG blogs tho, I don't know if this happens to just me but like sometimes there's like random TOP content or yg related content that I'm like istg I did not follow you (must be an accidental hit on the follow button but like istg) :sweat_smile: I would unfollow but I mean, it's not too overwhelming and it is kind of nice to see TOP after his whole scandal caused him to be on the DL.
    I mean I only reblog maybe MV scenes when they get released if I really like the song and concept, but other than that I'm strictly pentagon, astro, and exo, when they promote :ok_hand:
    LMAO, IDK. The fear of offending people, there's all kinds of people on the internet I'm sure you know what I'm talking about :heartpulse:
    Thanks for all the likes and reblogs btw, haha I know this reply is super delayed and idk if I've seen much of your content recently to reciprocate but I SEE IT AND I WANNA THANK YOU EVERYTIME LMAO BUT that'd be an overwhelming amount of notifications for you :cyclone: :heart:

    oh lmao it's just personal preference why woojin is my least favourite. Nothing in particular on the survival, just that he was lacking confidence I guess and his performance level was pretty subpar compared to the others. I'm sure he's better now but y'know how bias lists work, they change a little as time goes on but mine's set in stone for now :sunglasses:
    I KNOW, IT REALLY IS THE SONG THEY SHOULD WIN NO.1 WITH. But with all the releases now and the fact they're not even in the nominations makes me really sad. I know yanan dyed his hair pink like a few days ago?! so people speculating another promotion off the same album. But idk :sob:

    LMAO, my priorities are clear cut :ok_hand: OSTs! I know DK of seventeen sung one of the first ones in this new drama, and I die everytime I hear it, voice of an angel :angel:
    But, yeah so I'm on ep 21 rn (there's 28 so far), uh I mean she's not terrible at acting but it definitely shows :sweat_smile: I do hope she gets better through more productions tho, as for the drama.. I'm not totally loving it tbh. Like I wouldn't recommend LMAO, bc the plots super messy and the relationships are beyond complicated.
    Just one of those things where I'm debating if I wanna keep going or switch over to Radio Romance or Unexpected Heroes :pray:

    Yeah, it's like a whole new ground but I got adjusted pretty quick I'd say. I mean, I've been into asian entertainment for 8 years ( :astonished: )
    oh wow! MANDARIN IS SUPPOSEDLY the hardest language to learn! That's amazing, I wish I could read chinese :grimacing:

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