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The Incredibles 2

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xx__Guys, so the official trailer for The Incredibles 2 just dropped today.
xx__I've been waiting more than 13 years for the sequel of this movie to come out. :watch:
xx__I am so pumped! :fist: Anyone else just as excited as I am? :confounded:

xx__"Where are you going ASAP? You better be back ASAP" :joy:

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Re: The Incredibles 2


i'm super excited for it! I also saw they had some great articulated dolls for the movie at toys r us

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Re: The Incredibles 2

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xx__I like how they are breaking gender stereotypes
xx__and making Elastigirl save the world, whereas Mr Incredible is house-sitting.
xx__I'm sooo~ooo looking forward to Jack Jack. I've been waiting!

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Re: The Incredibles 2

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i'm so excited! everybody has seriously been waiting so long for this, i hope it lives up to the hype!


Re: The Incredibles 2

I too, can't wait for this movie. I honestly don't go to the movies too often any more but I will see this movie in theaters. :)

The last movie I saw in theaters was "The Hero" starring Sam Elliott.

Re: The Incredibles 2

I had originally planned to watch this with family when it was first announced.
I wanted it to be like back when we watched the first in theaters all together, just happy kids and their parents.
Unfortunately another family trip got in the way of that and I had to watch this film alone.

It was still a pretty good experience! It was a very good film and so much better than I expected!
It was great to finally see a sequel to a film I loved so much as a kid growing up.
I still think I prefer the first film (largely due to nostalgia), but this didn't disappoint.
Ah...I still remember running around with my siblings/cousins and each of us taking on the role of a character from the film. Such simple, happy times. :)

Re: The Incredibles 2


Image I was so excited for the Incredibles 2 to come out. I watched in theaters with my mom and really enjoyed it. It was definitely worth the wait.

Re: The Incredibles 2

Oh I want to watch with my family so bad! We were planning on my husband's birthday but then he saw new trailers for the Megladon movie and he wants to see that instead....

It looks so awesome though, I can't wait till it comes out on DVD. Totally going to buy it, I remember the 1st one was pretty good. I saw it again recently in preparation for the new one.

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