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Endgame comes out on Thursday in the US, but I won't be seeing it until Saturday, so I'm hoping I can avoid spoilers until then. My poor friend already had some of it spoiled because a friend of hers lives somewhere that already had it released.

I've seen most of the phase 1 films leading up to Endgame with the exception of Dr. Strange and Spider-Man: Homecoming, but that's not really a problem, and hopefully I can watch those soon.

Will you be going to see/have you seen Endgame? If so, have you kept up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
I.... am waiting to see what my friends say on it. I never saw Infinity War yet cause 1. I got the ending spoiled for me and 2. I am not good at waiting for movies, ESPECIALLY if they end on cliffhangers. So if I go see it I'll just watch Infinity War the day before :goat:

I haven't seen Spiderman either (not a big Spiderman fan but I'll probably see it eventually. ) Otherwise I THINK I've seen them all :thumbsup: The Ant-Man movies are BEST.

Excited to see my girl Captain Marvel again though :sparkles:
That's smart, haha. It has been an agonizing wait for this movie after watching Infinity War. I wish I'd waited so I could watch them both back to back.

Yeah, one of these days I'll rent it from the library (since I don't have Netflix, lol). Oh, I never did see the first Ant-Man film, I need to see that one too! I've heard it's quite funny, and I like Paul Rudd.

Yesss, Captain Marvel! :D
So far I'm hearing Endgame is good, I'll have to see when I'm off next week to check it out. Although I do have early shifts Fri and Sat. hmmmm....

I luckily do have Netflix and I'm PRETTY sure I remember seeing Infinity War on there. Wonder if the two movies are gonna be released in some nifty two pack set when they're both out on bluray :smiley:

Also I lied, I never saw all of the second Iron Man. Not a big fan of Iron Man either and that one was just... not good. Funnily enough before I got into the MCU I thought Iron Man would be my fav and Captain America my least fav. (This was back around when the first Avengers came out). Ironically, it ended up being switched, I LOVE Captain America. .....Not as much as Ant Man though.
Well, I hope you can see it soon!

Oooh, a set of the two would be awesome, haha. I'd shell out for those, since, again, no Netflix here. :P I really enjoyed Infinity War, I hope you do too!

Ah, yeah, I like what Robert Downey, Jr. has done with the character (although admittedly I have not read the comics so I don't know if he's being faithful to the source material) but I don't think the Iron Man films were as strong as, say, the Captain America trilogy or even the Thor trilogy to a certain extent?

Editing to add that Captain America is probably my favorite of the "main" (? Not sure how else to describe them) heroes. I do like T'Challa a lot and hope we see more of him too!
Aww, that's okay, it's not for everyone.
I didn't think I'd be very interested in superhero films either, but after seeing Captain America: The First Avenger, I was hooked!

Oh, yes, the memes are very fun! :D

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