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What song are you listening to? --- Please read!

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Hello my lovely Rolians! One of the things I do whilst managing the temple is listen to all sorts of music, be it the local minstrels singing ballads of fantasy lands or just the tunes in my head. I'm always open to new music, however, so if you wish to share with us all what you're listening to, here's the place to do so!

Please refrain from triple posting or spamming this forum!

Also remember that this thread is the only game/short response thread allowed in the "Music" section. All similar threads will be moved to Games.

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First post
and im listing to some tv commercial
*dosnt knowe the song on it*

    I'm currently listening to "Second Chance" by Faber Drive

Crack The Shutters - Snow Patrol

Angel's tear (reprise) by Celestial Aeon Project

Avril Lavigne- Girlfriend

The Lonely Island- Jizz in my pants.

I Kissed a Girl: Katy Perry <3

VNV Nation- Illusion

Wonderful song, dedicated to a girl who tragically died :(

Katy Perry- Hot n' Cold.

I just love this song. <3

The Lion King II- He lives in you.

Classic disney is amazing. I adore this song.

    Kenji, by Fort Minor.

LDN - Lily Allen

Somebody - The Eagles
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