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The last tv show you watched?

There was a movie version, let's make a tv show version! :D
( shows can be what you recently watched or binge-watched - and still continuing )

The last one I watched (and am still watching; aka, binge-watching) was Buff the Vampire Slayer.

Re: The last tv show you watched?

Chu* wrote:Needed my fix of Doctor Who <3
Watched "The Eleventh Hour", when Matt Smith premiered as the new Doctor!

~~~☽ ☼ ☾~~~
That's one of my favorite episodes!! It's my favorite when relatively new whovians are watching it with me. :D

...whosits and whatsits galore


Re: The last tv show you watched?

The live-action Death Note TV show. A link to episode 9 was on Crunchyroll's homepage and since I've read the manga and seen the movies, I was fine starting there. And ending there. Although there are some interesting changes for this retelling of the story (Near/Mello), key scenes felt almost like parodies due to the over-the-top dramatic facial expressions of the actors which made serious scenes absolutely hilarious. I appreciate a good laugh, but I actually really like Death Note and it just feels wrong to see it done poorly.

Re: The last tv show you watched?


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                    The last things I watched was "6 puppies and us" a documentary on people getting puppies.

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