I grabbed all of them.

@freyate I've technically given feedback in the other thread but have some more thoughts that just appeared!
In future if the concept is used again you can have the different options take people down a different route, two/three possible paths that would lead people round depending on their choices at the beginning. So everyone would still get round all the (lets just go with rooms) rooms but it would add variation especially when its comes to the topics on the forums. People searching for others on the same room, talking about what items they found first etc.

Or you can just add a few kills here and there and set them back to the beginning :joy:

Re: Anyone trolled the haunted house yet?



@ivydoodle : That is ofcourse an availability as well. As long as we can code it in time of the new event etc.

Either way, this was just a tryout to see if we can bring some activity to the site. And in my opinion, it definitely worked. And a tryout to see how people would like this kind of thing in the first place >..> No need to complicate things when people don't even like it.

I love the idea of several paths in general. I just need to keep my sanity as I make it XD Oh wait, that means I need to be sane at the start. Nevermind.... :laughing:


Yeah I bet the codings a bitch too. I never learnt that in college even though we were supposed to, it was a graphics design course after all. Most I got was self-teaching adobeflash coding and even that was a pain. The college was terrible.

I think it most definitely worked, it got people thinking and talking. :smiley:

I can join you in that insanity club don't you worry :octopus:

Re: Anyone trolled the haunted house yet?


@freyate, I appreciate that, actually.
I wouldn't want to miss out on anything. :heart:


Re: Anyone trolled the haunted house yet?



You could've bought the 2 rolipops from the shop but if you went to the rolipop tree you'd get 1 extra of 1 of the rolipops. The main idea was: if you got 1 of the rolipops from the tree, you might want the other one too, so I made the rolipops available in the shop.
Ofcourse only the rolipop from the tree would give you a reward from the tree!


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