Pandora's Realm (Trick or Treat)



Where I can I see the adoptables?
By clicking the banner above to go directly to the shop!
When does the event end?
The event ends on November 7th.
How do I Enter?
Simply Fill out the form.
What are the prizes?
You will either get tricked, which means you get a random coloration on the bases displayed, or You will get treated, You will be allowed to fill out a custom coloration only form.
Are there any other requirements?
Not that it really is required but you can always hang out while you trick or treat.
How many times can I play?
You may play once daily.
Does winning cost me anything?
Nope these are free, but you can always suggest prices for when I sell them in my shop!

Re: Pandora's Realm (Trick or Treat)

Form to Participate
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[b][color=#FF8000][size=150]"Trick or Treat"[/size][/color][/b]
Form for treats
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[b]Pallette:[/b] Please link an image to a color pallete of your choosing.
[b]Visual Ref:[/b] Please link any visual ref you would like your adoptable pet to be based off of. (markings, etc...)[/color]

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Neil nodded and led everyone to the basement.

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