Noctem de Magia Academy...Ice Cream Parlor?!
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Another event, another event thread! Welcome one and all to Noctem de Magia, Roliana's premeire school for magic. Though at the moment, something seems to be a For one, the school's far too chilly, though given the heat outside that could be considered a blessing. For another, well....

The Great Hall is filled with ice cream. Everything in the central cafeteria is made from ice cream or it's friends; wafflecone walls, cookie tabletops, sugar-candy windows, and dollops of ice cream on the tables and stuck to the walls. It's a sugary, ice-creamy paradise! Or it would be, if we could figure out how to turn it back before the hall melts.

Oh, and there's sweet treat monsters randomly spawning in the halls and classrooms. Several of the staff have already ended up in the infirmary due to incidents with the melty, sweet-treat monstrosities. Thankfully, no students have fallen victim...yet. But as a precaution, all students are to be escorted to classes and dorms by a teacher (yes Daegon, this means you). But that doesn't mean there won't be a few, ah, enterprising students who decide to take on one of the confections themselves....

We got a minigame going on! Since there's ice cream monsters wandering the halls and causing all sorts of havoc, I figured it'd be fun to add a bit of a dice-rolling game to the well as (maybe?) a bit of an RP element. Here's how it works:

A couple times a day (usually when I'm online/when I feel like it), there's going to be a "boss" come along--an ice cream monster. There'll be various flavors with different stats and abilities, dependant on the "flavor" of ice cream. Example:

Neopolitan Nightmare
HP: 50
Defense: 8
Attack: 5
Difficulty: 4
Abilities: Mid-range Attack, hardy Defense. Carries a large cherry and uses it as a bludgeon.
Each boss, when it shows up, has slightly different stats and some (like the boss above) are going to take more than one person to take down. To fight them, you've got to do a little dice rolling. First, you roll a d10 (ten-sided dice) to see if you hit in the first place; for a hit, you have to roll higher than the boss's Defense. For example, to land a hit on the Neopolitan Nightmare you've got to roll above an 8.
For damage, you roll another d10. What you get for that is the damage done to the boss's Hit Points (HP). Once it's HP hits zero, it melts into an intert puddle of melted ice cream. Each Boss defeated earns the attacker(s) points equal to the Boss's difficulty rating (1-6).

But wait, there's more!
In addition to the hack-n-slash element, there's also a bit of stealth involved. Because of the fact that these ice cream monsters are a lot less sweet than your average dessert, the faculty is patrolling the halls. And you students fighting the monsters? Teacher avoidance. Here's how this part works:

After you've attacked the Boss, roll a percentile (two d10s; one for the tens column and one for ones). I'll roll one as well, and if you roll higher than I do then you successfully avoid the teacher. If I roll higher, then you get caught by a teacher and not only is the Boss insta-dead, you lose points according to its difficulty rating. So if you want to win, try not to get caught!

To keep things fair, I'm putting a restriction on the attacking: you can only attack the active Boss either once every fifteen minutes OR after at least one other person attacks. That way, it's (hopefully) a bit harder for one person to monopolize on the attacking!

As for winnings, I'll hand out one random rolipop from the event shop at the end of the event to the person(s) with the most points earned. Runners-up will get bust arts of their avatars ^^.

{Blue-eyed}Dragonfly: 6 points
Booderdooder: 6 points
I hope to see you all having fun during the ice cream mayhem while it lasts! Happy hunting![/align]
So...wait, the dice element...How does that work? Do I have to have dice in real life to play? Lol
I think Roliana has a dice rolling code...lemme do a quick test X'D. If not I'll just link to and use that >_>;


EDIT: Apparently not X'D. Or if there is one, I can't find it >_>;. So I'll just link for everyone to use:
Just input the range 1 to 10 and hit randomize, and that's pretty much the same as rolling a d10.
Alright! This sounds like fun! I'll need to reread the rules again whenever a monster pop ups, but I have this place bookmarked so I don't forget about it.

Also, we're allowed to double post if a monster attacks every 15 if we're here by ourselves?
If it's been fifteen minutes, yeah. That way it gives at least someone a chance to come in and start fighting ^^


A wild boss appears!

Mint Chip Monstrosity

Hit Points:
Attack: 5
Defense: 4
Difficulty: 3
Abilities: Shoots chocolate chips out of its arms like bullets.

Speaking of's the first! X'D Just remember to use the number generator (linked above) to roll up three d10s (which, for all intents and purposes, is to set the RNG range from 1-10); one to hit, one for damage, and one to see if you're caught by a teacher >_>;
Okay, so if I roll high enough to get a hit, I roll for damage and stealth, but if I don't roll high enough for a hit, do I just skip damage and roll for stealth?

Also, I rolled a 94. I shit you not. XD
(You could ping McCoy and maybe Moody? Stylo could be interested too?)

And since it's been well over 15 minutes...

First roll: 7
Second Roll: 10
Third Roll: 107? (I rolled a 10 and a 7 so I guess we can over 100%? Or no?)
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