I've never died my hair. Like ever. My hair has always been dirty blond except when I was younger when it was platinum blond naturally, then darkened. Haha
I want to try something different eventually, but sometimes I feel like there's no point since I'm 24 and haven't died it yet. I also don't hate my hair color, but I wouldn't mind having dark brown or maybe red or blue or some other crazy color at least once or twice.

I despise my natural hair color with a firey passion.
though i am excited to see how well this color will look on me as black
has been a color i have wanted to try for a long time but never 100% wanted to do it.
until now. Not sure when i will do it. but if all looks good i will need to take a selfie.
1st week it never looks good because the shampoo/conditioner that comes with it
makes my hair a tad bit dry and frizzy.


What hair color do you have? And why do you hate it?

It's similar to ash brown
but on me it almost looks like a dusty gray color.
and it just...does not look good on me at all.


Ah, well, I hope that the black looks good on you. <3

Me too. I got told a lot
it would look good on me with my pale skin.
so here's to hoping that it's true lmao.


Re: Sundae Duo|Posting Game Inside|Opened


I'v done brown too much that i just
got bored of doing brown all the time.
I wish i could have a more fun color but it would probably require me to bleach my hair
since i like super bright colors. :laughing:



Announcing the winners.

1st place- @{Blue-Eyed}Dragonfly You win Chesh Reborn.
2nd place- @SolarMoon
You Will recieve 2000g
3rd place/last place-@Booderdooder You will receive art of an oc/avatar of your choice.

Thank you to all participants for participating. :sparkling_heart:


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