DAAAAAAMMMMNNNNN. Take me back why don't ya! LOL

Watch out, Cupid
Stuck me with a sickness...

Lmao it might have been like my first real Dream Avi?
Looking back on my old avi thread, I didn't have as many as I thought I did.
Trying to make a new one now, and I only need two items but I can't find anyone selling :confounded:

...Pull your little arrows out
and let me live my life
♥ ♫ ♥

What are you looking for?

Watch out, Cupid
Stuck me with a sickness...

Valentine's Love Potions, the black and green ones that sit on the ground.
I have the ones you hold in hand, black and pink, but none of the background pieces.

...Pull your little arrows out
and let me live my life
♥ ♫ ♥

Damn, those are an oldie. Unfortunately, I don't have the potions. I have the two tails, the green and black vortex, and the robot left from that set but I believe that's it. Lol
Thank you! I kinda feel like the avi needs more but I can't quite figure out what that is. I have way too many avatar ideas floating in my head right now and I can't keep them straight. LOL
Doesn't help that I keep getting all these new items. LOL
There isn't really anything that does with the leg mods on this avatar. Like, no items are designed for it. I can take a look but I do kinda like her barefoot. I was trying to mimic my Egyptian goddess avatar, but with a cyber/futuristic aesthetic.

I'll probably pull it up in the simulator and run through everything in it at some point. Lol
There aren't any cute long hairstyles with the bangs I wanted. I could see if I could find one to layer with it that would look nice. Let me go see.

I still think it's pretty cute.
Maybe there is a suggestion thread where you can suggest more items to involve the base type
so more things can be made with it[like what they do with the harajuku base which you can buy as a common item base too].


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