I've decided to leave my avatar as is. I like her. <3

And to be honest, I forgot this base existed so I don't think a lot of people re using her. It's okay, though. I like it without shoes on. I had tried to find some leggings that would work, which is when I discovered there was nothing made for this base outside of the item itself. LOL
Oh well. XD
No, unfortunately, it doesn't. It only has boots that don't really go well with the items I've chosen for my current avatar.

Re: Sundae Duo|Posting Game Inside|Opened


I honestly love how the male base's feet look
for some reason but i never do male avatars XD


I'm no good at male avatars so I don't even bother. LOL

Re: Sundae Duo|Posting Game Inside|Opened


Yeah i don't bother with male avi's either.
Plus i really enjoy making females with lots of layers of skirts and dresses.
as you can see on this one XD


Yeah I enjoy making badass female avatars. Haha
I'm partially surprised they haven't shut down all the Sundaes Fun Day stuff yet. Lol

But yes, making cool avatars is nice.

Re: Sundae Duo|Posting Game Inside|Opened


I have produced two new pieces within 2 days.
I feel proud. even if they're just flat colors :sparkles:



Yay! That's awesome! :D
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