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I have had a hard time lately coming to terms that I need to focus on my mental health.... but the thoughts evade my mind so badly. I need to focus on the traumatizing crap that made me stop using my thoughts so much but the pain of those things hurts and I just want to keep suppressing my memories from the surface.


In high school, I had a slew of traumatic things happen. Grandparents murdered, best friend committed suicide, a friend died from a car accident that happened right in front of me, another friend died in a car accident, and more; All in the last 3 years of high school.

One of the things we started with my best friend's death, that served us well during the following events too, was creating a memorial garden. Building literally ground up. Digging the soil, placing the pavers, planting the flowers, then caring for them through the years.

I have to say, that physical labour; Actually shedding blood, sweat, and tears; During grief was so cathartic. Nothing has helped me heal from grief quite the same way. <3


A friend of mine did therapy due to her experiences and she's tried to teach me a way she learned from a life coach to kind of deal with things.
It's woven a bit into beliefs of energy and such that I don't share, so it's probably not as effective for me, but I feel like it's a crutch at least.

Basically the idea is to more or less meditate. To sit down and just let your thoughts go and focus on things that are causing you pain. You'll feel the bodily signs of that pain, often in your throat and chest. And then to put your hands there and give yourself that physical reassurance and to show your body and your mind that you're there for yourself. To reassure "your inner child" that you're there and caring for it and willing to listen and to feel.

Not sure if it helps universally, but it's helped me in one or two situations to kind of collect myself and get to figuring out how to move on.

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