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#METOO Pandemic...

I'm curious, what you think of the #METOO pandemic?

I honestly don't know what to believe. Because I feel like people accuse other people like it was part of their vocabulary.

I am lost because I don't quite believe a lot of people outting others...for what exactly? What does it serve? Did it make the event disappear?

Honestly I feel like most celebrities give "consent" and if they "regret" their decision they easily "accuse" the guy of something w/ the #metoo...

Just because you feel Regret of YOUR DECISION doesn't mean you get to falsely accuse the guy of assault.

I heard a story about two actresses voluntarily going to a room where the actor/comedian masterbated in front of them. They could have left on their own and why come forward years after it happened instead of right away?

I'm a female myself...I'm not going vote for someone just because of their gender...or side with someone just because they "Say" something. Where's physical proof?

Just because someone "says" something, doesn't always mean it's true.

Re: #METOO Pandemic...



I can totally get your frustration, @figment_Princess. Sometimes I read those stories and I'm like: "Did that really happen? Or are you just trying to seek attention? "

With other stories I can actually think: "yeah ... that happened. I get ya."

But y'know, some stories seem more a publicity stunt then anything.

I hate to say it: but I had it happen to me to. Several times in fact. With different men on different occassions. And I'm not even that pretty. Just, some men think that all women are THEIR playtoys and they can do anything with them.... But just like there are bad seeds in the pod, there are a lot of nice men out there to. However I REFUSE to go through the whole #metoo thing and say what happened to me. It's a part of my past. It (unfortunately/fortunately?) shaped me to who I am now and I don't see what would be useful in me telling those stories...

It would only get me an "oh I'm sorry that happened to you *pats on the back*" but other than that it doesn't HELP me at all. It just makes me feel disgusted again and feel like a freaking victim again. I'll just get another label tagged to my head. Who wants that? There are way too many labels already.

So, I prefer to be the empowered woman that I am and leave it at that.


Re: #METOO Pandemic...

I agree with both of you.
I also feel like the #MeToo campaign became about victimizing oneself, as well as a competition to see who'd been through the worst abuse.

I was abused. It happened 11 years ago, and I don't feel the need to embellish or mention it on a public place like twitter or facebook.
I don't want people to see me as a victim, and I have no need to get attention for it.
I just want to let the past be the past, and so should those people.

I mean, it's great that they feel it empowering to finally be able to mention it, but what good does it do?

And is it really fair to come after someone for a drunken mistake they made many many moons ago?
Especially when there's no proof and the person who's being accused is famous, I can't help but think "do they accuse him to get famous?"

Re: #METOO Pandemic...

On the flip side, I think it's helped with a few points.
(*I'm assuming this doesn't count as sexual content to the extent of breaking ToS due to the conversation at hand?)

1) Drawing attention to how easily people abuse their power/influence.
sure, the girls who witnessed the comedian masturbating could have just left the room but anyone else would get nabbed for indecency. It's like the rich version of "I sent you a picture of my dick, please respond". Why would someone think this is OK? That's the real question. Coulda-shoulda-woulda aside from the girls, I'd like to know WHY from the guy that did it. Think about it, you meet up with someone you admire-nothing romantic. You're just hanging out, and then he pulls his dick out, stares intently at you. Finishes himself off.
Um? Like. That's not ok. lol sure they "should have just left" but imagine being young and someone you super admire who is famous is right infront of you stunned ya with that one. "in the moment" it was probably hard for them to comprehend what was happening and why. Regardless, it's completely innapropriate and not tolerated from non celebrities. So why excused for actual ones?

2) Of course the risk is run of false accusations. I mean, that's always been a risk factor despite the #metoo movement. But celebrities always had power on their side. It's easy to intimidate someone 10 financial classes beneath you.

The #metoo movement serves to combat this barrier and it is working. Arrests need evidence. And correct me if I am wrong, but no one has had their careers destroyed from just baseless accusations within the #metoo movement. (Seriously, correct me if I am wrong.)

Having hotspot isn't anything new to celebrities. Stories with zero evidence have been swept under, such as the accusation against George Takei. It basically won't resurface unless the accuser provides more evidence/context. Then there's "Yeah I admit I fucked up" celebs like Ansari who didn't deny anything his accuser said, just simply stated he thought it was consensual. His career isn't over despite him not denying what she said. He wrote a book about love- dating- how to respect women and read body language. Yet in the accusation it clearly states she asked to take things slow, and was moving her face away but he kept being dogmatic. She gives into the pressure but brings herself to stop and clarify herself better. Afterwards he promises her he is done and they can just watch TV on the couch- to which he soon later jumps on her to make out and remove her belt and she has to then and there leave because if she didn't it was clear he wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted.

This is a problem for sure.

Morgan Freeman now, has a history of complaints way before #metoo. They were either small or swept or unfounded and now they are coming back to bite. We'll see what the evidence says, but after the recent murder of his step granddaughter- there are texts verifying she may have had a sexual relationship with him at some point and felt she had to cut him off. It's still technically too loose to piece together but things like this are important to consider before wanting to defend the celebrities we know and love.

Fakers/Exaggerators are a problem. But also is people abusing their power-and their followers justifying it. (not remotely saying that's you, I mean if you look online people don't care about the details or story on both sides.)

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@Millet : don't worry, this is still within the limits of the ToS.
As long as we are not going into graphic details on HOW certain abuses happened. If you get what I mean.
I'm just afraid that with this whole #METOO compaign people are going to be on too much of a high alert.

I saw this news report and they were saying that the entire community was in an uproar because someone famous made a freaking joke during an interview! A joke! Ofcourse it was of a sexual nature...but honestly that's just a bit of teasing. The man did not attack the woman, never showed his private parts, never touched the woman. THE WOMAN HERSELF wasn't taking offense at all.

However someone else didn't like it and felt it was also a #metoo worthy story. And then suddenly she's getting calls from others asking how she felt when that man she was interviewing behaved like that. And she didn't even REMEMBER what they were referring too. It was only after she watched the video again of the interview that she remembered that little sexual influenced joke and realised what they were referring too.

In our news report she actually was outraged because people are taking the #metoo pandemic a bit too far. It's only #metoo if the one of the members feels it's abuse. Not because you don't like what's being said.

I mean if I see a couple making out in the bus, then is that a #metoo story? No. No one is being attacked or sexually abused in any way. If I don't like seeing them make out, then I should just LOOK THE OTHER FREAKING WAY.


Re: #METOO Pandemic...


if someone attacks you while drunk, it's still their fault

a big part of the me too movement is of course bringing to light how normalized this is

I was sexually assaulted and harassed a lot as a child because I wore a school uniform. this is a thing that happens. the more we talk about it the less hidden it becomes. the more we realize how common it is the more we can do something about it

because it flies in the face of 'well it never happens!' or 'are you sure you were raped/assaulted/harassed?'

it's not so much about other couples kissing or having PDA it's more like 'was someone targeting me, specifically, as a sexual thing?' idk why ppl wanna play the victim when it comes to shit like metoo unless they want to discredit the whole movement


Re: #METOO Pandemic...

@Freyate: Yeah of course something like a joke is stupid. I definitely tire of the hyper sensitivity, more so what I would refer to as "trigger culture" rather than a result of the #metoo campaign.

Triggers are real, I do myself have PTSD with a very specific and weird trigger to it. But when I go online I understand the internet isn't here to cater to me so if I do end up (usually unlikely) getting triggered I don't snap at someone else for the state of my psyche.

"Everything is sexist" mindset does occur and is annoying ,but I honestly believe it's much more minimal compared to the real problems that do genuinely and honestly need real attention. Something that #metoo has helped massively with.

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