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Re: Girls in Gaming

Rosen wrote: Girls who play games, do you play games with other people online? Do you have a "group" you tend to hang out with when you game? How do you feel treated often?


The reason I want to discuss this, is because I find often that no matter what group I migrate too, often the guys tend to make sexist jokes and laugh it off. If you get upset it's, "Why are you taking it so seriously?" While it's true I'm often not as good as the guys I know at gaming, I also take a lot of flack for it, even with things I am good at. My difference in goals in games also earns me a lot of flack as well as my choice in games. Like in Minecraft, I really appreciate the aesthetics of building a unique and functional, decorated home-base. Where as the guys call it frivolous and expect a box with some chests in it.
I am female, just so I don't confuse anyone.

To narrow things down, I will specify the type of online gaming that I participate in, which includes: website gaming and console gaming. I would like to expand my experience with the latter, because I believe it's more male-dominated.

Experience playing on the console is a mixed bag, for me. I have friends who play FPS (first-person shooters) and they always ask me to play. I'm usually reluctant, for a few reasons. The primary reason is that I have only been playing console games -- specifically the XBox -- for 3 to 4 years. Which is not that much experience at all, when you really think about it. So, when I play FPS online with other people, friends and strangers together, it /can/ be a drag of a play, because of the competitive gameplay aspect that you get with the genre. It does, slightly, impact how often I want to play, but I'm usually not harassed by gamers while I play. It helps that I don't go into unfamiliar parties, and I don't usually play with a headset.

Most frequent FPS I've played: Battlefield 1.


My /preferred/ genre to play on a console are RPG games. Things like Neverwinter, Diablo, Skyrim, and the like. I have options to team up with strangers to fight NPC enemies (so, not PvP) or to play solo. When I play in these types of games, I feel more included and often face less frustration towards other players.

Going to the big issue: does the representation of female characters in games bother me?

No, it doesn't. It's a freaking fantasy world. I could care less how they chose to portray women, My only clause is to say: I suppose the only thing that would bother me is if they portrayed more female characters as a nymphomaniac, and similar/related behaviors/topics. But that's it, really.

Re: Girls in Gaming

For most of my life, I did exclusively solo play.

When I first got into multiplayer stuff I was quickly put off because once you put on your profile female I either got treated like dirt, or treated cringely like gold.

I had a old group I loved and we were a mixed batch of friends. It was tight knit but the game we played on ended and we went our separate ways.

I have a few friends I can play games with individually. The only "group" game I play right now is 7DaystoDie, which is with my fiance's friends. They don't make me feel weird abotu being a girl, no one really discusses it. It only comes up if they make sexist jokes and they go "-oh sorry.." to which I usually tell them not to worry about it, it's just a joke and not to filter around me over silly things.

I think it is definetly a hunt for a good or decent group. I wouldn't consider myself attached to any, that one is just the one my partner happens to know. I don't feel "awkward" because I am female and they are male. I feel awkward because they are my fiance's childhood friends and I feel like an intruder coming in on their scene. They've said they are fine with it. My own paranoia about wanting healthy boudnaries makes me question if it's a good idea that I am there when we play or not. I'm likely over thinking it. idk

Re: Girls in Gaming

I`m definitely an avid gamer. I play xbox, and have for a very long time, I also play PC, but not as much. I have groups of people that I play with, people that I actually consider my online friends. I`m treated like "one of the guys". I love that my friends respect me, and don`t sit there and oogle over the fact that I am a "girl gamer", I`m just a gamer. The title "girl gamer" shouldn`t exist, in my opinion. What does it matter if you`re male, female, or a damn dragon? A gamer is a gamer.

The gaming community can be brutal, though. I can`t tell you how many times I`ve heard the whole "get back in the kitchen" spiel. *eyeroll*

Re: Girls in Gaming

I hate gaming with randoms. Everytime they hear me speak, they suddenly don't want to party with me because I sound like a little boy.
Then when they find out I really AM me, can't tell you how many facebook requests and guys hitting on me. ALL THE TIME.

Playing with people I know is fun. But it's disrespectful to call me a little boy, and then find out I'm a girl suddenly want in my pants because I might be good at a game?

It's worse when you female, and have kids.
Cause then they are like, "You need to go make dinner and do them womens stuff to take care of your kid."

I hate people. In general.

Re: Girls in Gaming

I had to take a break in my gaming recently but I used to play Killing Floor a lot. I only played online when I needed to up my medic skill but mostly I played by myself or with my husband. I play mostly PC games though we're getting an xbox to play on soon. I play anything that uses a controller at the moment. So Fallout, Skyrim, the Arkham games and Stardew Valley. I love the story driven games and open world games. Skyrim and Stardew valley are my all time favorites though the Alice games have a special place in my heart. My husband keeps telling me I'd like WoW but I dunno. I did like Furcadia (anyone remember that?) and Zwinky but I really don't like multiplayer games.

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