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Pixar Debates

Pixar movies. They're just great aren't they? However occasionally something in a Pixar movie makes you ask questions, and there just isn't an answer. So let's talk about these questions and see if we can't come up with an answer.

I'll propose the first. In Wall-E there's a scene where the Captain notes it's the 700th anniversary and everyone gets a free cupcake in a cup. Here's my problem with that. He said FREE. A FREE cupcake in a cup. Which leads me to ask, are they paying for their meals on the Axiom? And if they are, how?! Robots do all the jobs so there isn't a need for the people to work so where is the money coming from? Is it a line of credit or is it more like Ready Player One? Also, also what happens when you can't pay any longer or go to far into debit. Like I'm going to assume the Captain gets a salary because being captain is a job, but everyone else? How are they paying for things? Why do they need to pay for things?

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that's... a good question, actually

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RIGHT?! It's bugging me now. Like in this dystopian future how do we earn the money that we need to buy goods and services?

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Good question. Maybe they're given some kind of virtual allowance/credits they can use? Maybe it's earned by doing things like participating in activities or trying the latest new whatever.

Or...perhaps the concept of needing money to buy food and services has long since been abandoned. Maybe they've gone back to a more basic trading system. Or...the vast majority simply do not work but just live in comfort and have whatever they want handed to them.

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