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Re: Girla's Magical Girl Quest

@GirlaPH Don't worry about it. ^_^ It's cute so far. We all start off somewhere, right? LOL, when I started on the site, you didn't even get the basic starter set that now comes on all new accounts, and had an item called Rag Dress/Top/Trousers to wear until you could buy something from the shops. XD

Re: Girla's Magical Girl Quest

Yeah, sorry about that. Had something going on and haven't managed to get online because I was sick with a flu. Ugh... but I'm doing better. I was thinking of making a Neopets account soon since I haven't played it in a long time. Don't worry, I still go here, and I just need to be more active this time. My quest still continues to this day though, so there's that too. :grinning:

Re: Girla's Magical Girl Quest


I used to play Neopets but then it's somehow doesn't feel like how it used to be, or maybe I grow out of it. But I'm similar thing to Neopets now which I enjoyed XD

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Re: Girla's Magical Girl Quest

Wishing for sunnier skies and brighter times . . . ☀* °

goodluck on your quest! all those items are buyable in the shops so they should be easy to come by once you have enough gold saved up! ^^

yeah me too. sadly i do but they'll never grow in.[…][…] […]

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