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Oh? I guess I'm out of the loop and have no idea what's going on around here. XD

8 years ago was a pretty cool time. I remember it well. We've had lots of good things happen around here since then, though.
Good luck getting those 400 posts. If there's a Christmas or a New Years event maybe that will help you?

Freshie wrote:
Sat May 26, 2012 3:19 pm

I'm Freshie and welcome to my quest thread!
Lets post more and get each other goodies, no?

About Me:
Melissa, 27 years old, female, currently makes pretty paint for a living, loves cats, ice cream and gifs, wishes her love life wasn't cursed.
I'm an open book, so ask questions if you desire. :)

Usual Roliana site rules.
No rudeness.
Tis that easy.
Help me with quests..? ;w;

Love your avi omg
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