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Questing for 500k!


Currently I'm questing for:

500k gold

Skull Rock Plum White
Christmas Attire
Hell Hounds
Rogue's Code
Circle of Fire
Phantasieren Attire
Steampunk Accessories
Daegor Influence
Holiday Spirit
Rolian Knight
Shadow Sorcery
Darkness Falls
Bear Fun
Royal Armor

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Re: Questing for 500k!


Currently I have 172,536 gold! So I've got a ways to go

Re: Questing for 500k!


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updated with the amount of gold i've got stored now
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Re: Questing for 500k!


chatting and sellign items is really helping
i get about 300 gold a day from chatting and rolicoins (mostly rolicoins) and rn i have 183,290 gold!

Re: Questing for 500k!


Hello Stylo :3
That sounds like a lot of gold saved up!
It's been a while since I was really active on here,
so I don't remember the value of items, or how much
gold is A LOT of gold anymore.


Re: Questing for 500k!


at one point a few years ago i had 300k from selling oodles of plats

i'd say a lot of gold is about 5k since that's enough to make a nice avatar with commons items :)

Re: Questing for 500k!

Wow that's a lot of gold! Good luck!
I feel like my quest will never be done with all the stuff I use to have and gave away.
But we can help each other by posting neh?

How are you? =D

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