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Oh my God, I just checked the last post I'd made in here to see how long it had been. It's been over a year! @0@ Closer to eighteen months.

Oh wow.
Should we get this thread alive again?
I need to go soon so sorry if I disappear randomly~!

I think it was only ever semi-alive, lol. But it'd be awesome if you helped me, yes!

And don't worry about it, I may need to go soon as well. x3

Ok. lol.
How are you today?]

Ohai~ I'm doing good. Rediscovering the joys of toast. Especially with jam. ♥

How're you~?

Very fine.
Going to sleep soon. Sorry. I finally have the gold for the dress! ^-^

That's good to hear~

I can't believe I managed to get 10k in just a few days. @_@ Usually I don't get many customers, but suddenly, BAM! And I must thank you for being one. ;D

Your welcome.
Your welcome! Maybe I should recommend your shop to someone?

That would be awesome~ :luv:

Of course only if you get the chance! But it'd be righteous.

Well right now, one way to get people to see your shop is to bump it up!
/ goes to your shop and bumps

Thank you so much for helping out!

It's so sweet of you! ♥


    Hello :nod:
    I wanted to wish you good luck with your quest! :nod:

    And, I'm a huge fan of yaoi, too 8D

Out of your very want items, which one are you aiming for first?

@P.HOENIX: Thank you~ :luv: And who isn't, amirite? Image

@Choco Kitty: I think I might go for the Harpy first. I can't decide whether to save up a bit more and then go nuts with a lot of cheaper things. I just realised I'm in the range of having enough (soon more than) to actually get the Clingy Fox. It's hard to decide now! :gonk:


    That smiley almost made me burst out laughing... :XD: I really needed that, thanks XD
    Well, a lot of people I know don't like it though heh 8D

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