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It was trading nightmare :cry:

Anywa.... *that was depressing* Birthday items! Have you got it!!? :)

*Giggles as she drops something*

Snakes have always been a favorite of mine,
But sometimes, they can be a little scary see?
So here is my gift to you, enjoy!
While I go make some tea.

@ littleblack -hugs- I hope you don't go through it again.

@ Donation Ninja - Thank you very much! -huggles-
I like snakes a lot too. ^_^


Going through again? I think I'll hit my head on the wall a few time first then get an mod and admin to get it sorted.


Yes, I have gotten the birthday items. ^_^

Thanks, I wanted to incorporate the new item I got from The Donation Ninja. ^_^

I love your new look too! ^_^


I don't like it that much :cry:
I'm trying to get something but what??!
I'll just try again tomorrow.... I want to put the birthday dress on ><
Oh... I need more commons!! That's what I need >.> spend more gold.... orz

Alright, lots of luck getting your avie how you want her!


Not happy with the shoes.... but can't find any that will fit too... >.>
or maybe I'm just picky orz

Neat new sea look you have. ^_^


lol I'm loving it too. The mellow is a bit random but I don't care it's cute!!! XD

Oh cool! ^_^
Yeah, it is fine. Not distracting and pretty cute. ^_^

Wow, I need to check here more.
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