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Hey hun I have the dark wings that I can hold for you. Pm me if you want to buy it.

Alright, Ninja! Sending PM. ^_^

Need to keep saving for the Imp item of my dream avie.

omg this place is still active? O_O
Good luck again! :nod:

Not really, lol. I just revived it.
Thanks so much for the luck again! ^_^

haha well I hope it gets active now x3
I will stay here and chat if you'd want me to.

Thank you. ^_^
I am really wanting to get the Imp Base soon.
There are so many users wanting it though, going to be hard to get.
I have the Pirate monthly in my shop to help get funds. It has increased in price so much! It is really shocking.

I think I saw someone selling the imp base some time ago;; it isn't as famous anymore. Falak is really topping in pipularity, but not exactly in terms of pricing. You can ghost it from Ginger/someone else. I think he has it?

LOL yeah, I regret selling mine now. >:
I actually left roli and came back the prices are like super high, it's really shocking.

I found someone selling one today, and I posted an offer.
Will have to check tomorrow if she accepts or not.

Yeah, I have not been posting or checking in here much myself.
I only discovered the event was going on through my facebook.

Well I hope she accepts your offer, then.
And yeah, I basically came back because they had elfin items finally OTL"

Thanks. ^_^ Yes, the elven items are super great!

yup, their super Maplestory like so I love them~~

Updated my thread a bit.

Updated my quest thread.
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