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I will probably be on tomorrow, got to be heading off for the night.

Peeking in here from time to time today.

Awww you aren't staying to chat with me?
Then I might devour your soul~

-clings to soul- No, don't devour it. I am still here to chat.

Ohhh but that's good, very good!
Now I'm satisfied and wont devour your soul.... yet ^w^

Very good indeed! ^_^
So happy about getting the dragons!

So you where able to get the dragons? ^w^
I got forced to max out another dragon as I want to keep on getting 25 stars per post ^^''

Just got to wait till he gets off work before he sends them.
Yes, getting the 25 stars is really great.
I try to use the poses hidden in this avatar.
Will change my avatar after I level up the dragons and decide how I want to use them.

Ohhh but that's awesome then! =D
It's going so much faster to collect them to start with,
I'm never going to take off all poses on the avatars now xD
I will always keep at last five on the same time -nods-

Yeah, that is what I am doing, now that I have over 5 evolving items. I used to be getting only 20 stars per post.

Ohh damn, then you have two more than me..
But I'm thinking about getting one more of each of the dragons..
I can always sell them off sometime in the future or something -nods-

I am missing the Meowsie 1.

I don't have either of the other evolving items
as I didn't like them at all.. but the dragons are different ^^

Yeah, I LOVE Dragons so much! ♥
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