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Yeah, it is pretty crazy.

I was active a lot in the beginning of the event, but have been really busy the last week. I am glad I got all I wanted, though I have not completed a full set yet. I would like to get one of the dj items before it ends. I think I can do it.

How did you do? I hope you got everything you wanted also! ^_^


I got everything I want along with a few donation to the others. Now just selling my Kandi when I have it.

That is great! Good job! ^_^


I know :lol:
Can't believe how well I done for this event!!
Or.... should say.... how much post I have posted during this event orz

I have made a lot of posts myself! I passed the 2k mark! ^_^


Yeah!!! I got 400+till my 8K post mark ><
It's scary to know how much I have posted.....

That's really cool! ^_^

I have posted over 16.5k in three years worth on Menewsha.

LoL, yep. I love all the events there, lots of threads there, and all the users there. It is my home site.


lol Roli is the only avi I have been on so here is my home site ^^
I'm glad I came here :D

That is fine. ^_^
Roliana is really lovely as well! ^_^

What difficulties with buying?


Oh.... was trading with someone and I send the gold over and she calmed that she hasn't gotten it. and she was hinting that I'm a scammer so yeah.... grr.... had to get the mod and RaiRai involved to get her to know that I did send the gold over! Anyway got the item in the end but it really hut me a lot. You know.... she should have waited for the results before start calling people like that! Anyway.... if she is around I'm just going to avoid her now. Still makes me angry.

Sorry about the rant I had to get it out. ><

It is fine. I am glad it all worked out, but sorry that it was a hassle to get the item. -hugs-
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